Enter a list of mammalian genes or proteins in Entrez gene symbol format to receive results of a protein-protein interactions (PPI) subnetwork that connects the enriched genes/proteins with known protein-protein interactions using Genes2Networks (G2N). G2N connects input list of genes/proteins using the shortest path algorithms using known PPI from the selected databases.


Command line version

From here (JAR format, 3.6 MB) you can download a command line standalone version of G2N.
General format on how to run the G2N command line tool:
java -jar [G2N JAR file] [input gene list] [output SIG file] [backgroundSigFile1, backgroundSigFile2, ...]

Example of how to run the G2N command line tool:
java -jar G2N-1.5-SNAPSHOT-jar-with-dependencies.jar genelist.txt results.sig huMAP.sig Biocarta.sig

Download datasets

Database Download Type Interactions Interactors PMID
BIND SIG Literature PPI 25622 5528
Biocarta SIG Literature PPI 756 352
BioGRID SIG Mixed 68759 7312
BioPLEX SIG Mass-spec 56553 8610
DIP SIG Literature PPI 3822 1946
figeys SIG Mass-spec 6452 2033
HPRD SIG Literature PPI 47496 7490
huMAP SIG Mass-spec 62214 6061
InnateDB SIG Literature PPI 4576 1523
IntAct SIG Mixed 15726 4186
iREF SIG Mixed 28417 5403
KEGG SIG Literature PPI 13993 1198
MINT SIG Literature PPI 75065 9415
MiPS SIG Mass-spec 606 373
PDZbase SIG Literature PPI 244 159
PPID SIG Literature PPI 6998 1208
Sets2Networks SIG Predicted 3000 828
SNAVI SIG Literature PPI 2007 442
Stelzl SIG Mass-spec 6207 1702
Vidal SIG Yeast-2-Hybrid 6726 2541