Dataset CHEA Transcription Factor Binding Site Profiles
Category genomics
Type transcription factor binding site profile
Description transcription factor binding site profile identified as [transcription factor gene symbol]-[publication PMID]-[cell or tissue sampled]-[organism studied] (ChIP-X Enrichment Analysis)
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40 genes with transcription factor binding evidence in the BCL11B-21912641-STHDH STRIATAL CELLS-MOUSE transcription factor binding site profile from the CHEA Transcription Factor Binding Site Profiles dataset.

Symbol Name
ADAM11 ADAM metallopeptidase domain 11
ADAMTS6 ADAM metallopeptidase with thrombospondin type 1 motif, 6
ADGRV1 adhesion G protein-coupled receptor V1
AGBL2 ATP/GTP binding protein-like 2
BCL11B B-cell CLL/lymphoma 11B (zinc finger protein)
CDH23 cadherin-related 23
CHD6 chromodomain helicase DNA binding protein 6
CISD1 CDGSH iron sulfur domain 1
CRYBA1 crystallin, beta A1
DDX28 DEAD (Asp-Glu-Ala-Asp) box polypeptide 28
FAF2 Fas associated factor family member 2
FHIT fragile histidine triad
FMN2 formin 2
FOXP1 forkhead box P1
HIST1H1A histone cluster 1, H1a
HIST1H4A histone cluster 1, H4a
HIST1H4B histone cluster 1, H4b
HYALP1 hyaluronoglucosaminidase pseudogene 1
ID3 inhibitor of DNA binding 3, dominant negative helix-loop-helix protein
IPMK inositol polyphosphate multikinase
LCOR ligand dependent nuclear receptor corepressor
LDLR low density lipoprotein receptor
MOCOS molybdenum cofactor sulfurase
MSH3 mutS homolog 3
PDE4D phosphodiesterase 4D, cAMP-specific
PTEN phosphatase and tensin homolog
RAPGEF1 Rap guanine nucleotide exchange factor (GEF) 1
RLF rearranged L-myc fusion
RUNDC3B RUN domain containing 3B
SH3RF3 SH3 domain containing ring finger 3
SP110 SP110 nuclear body protein
SP140 SP140 nuclear body protein
SUN1 Sad1 and UNC84 domain containing 1
TENM2 teneurin transmembrane protein 2
TMX4 thioredoxin-related transmembrane protein 4
TRPM8 transient receptor potential cation channel, subfamily M, member 8
UBTD1 ubiquitin domain containing 1
UHRF1BP1L UHRF1 binding protein 1-like
WDR41 WD repeat domain 41
ZNF474 zinc finger protein 474