BRD-K94176593_TWS-119_A375_24_h_1.11_um Gene Set

Dataset LINCS L1000 CMAP Signatures of Differentially Expressed Genes for Small Molecules
Category transcriptomics
Type small molecule perturbation
Description small molecule perturbation identified as [perturbation ID]_[perturbagen]_[cell line]_[time]_[time unit]_[dose]_[dose unit] (LINCS L1000 Connectivity Map)
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105 genes differentially expressed following the BRD-K94176593_TWS-119_A375_24_h_1.11_um small molecule perturbation from the LINCS L1000 CMAP Signatures of Differentially Expressed Genes for Small Molecules dataset.

increased expression

Symbol Name
1060P11.3 killer cell immunoglobulin-like receptor, three domains, pseudogene
ABLIM1 actin binding LIM protein 1
ATP1A2 ATPase, Na+/K+ transporting, alpha 2 polypeptide
BCHE butyrylcholinesterase
BEX1 brain expressed, X-linked 1
BST2 bone marrow stromal cell antigen 2
C1QB complement component 1, q subcomponent, B chain
CDKN1A cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor 1A (p21, Cip1)
CHGB chromogranin B
CLU clusterin
CTSA cathepsin A
ETV1 ets variant 1
FAM63A family with sequence similarity 63, member A
FLRT3 fibronectin leucine rich transmembrane protein 3
GAP43 growth associated protein 43
GOLGA8B golgin A8 family, member B
GPM6B glycoprotein M6B
GRB7 growth factor receptor-bound protein 7
GSDMB gasdermin B
IGFBP2 insulin-like growth factor binding protein 2, 36kDa
LGALS3BP lectin, galactoside-binding, soluble, 3 binding protein
LIMCH1 LIM and calponin homology domains 1
MEIS1 Meis homeobox 1
MTUS1 microtubule associated tumor suppressor 1
MVP major vault protein
NEAT1 nuclear paraspeckle assembly transcript 1 (non-protein coding)
NEFL neurofilament, light polypeptide
NEFM neurofilament, medium polypeptide
NPDC1 neural proliferation, differentiation and control, 1
NR2F1 nuclear receptor subfamily 2, group F, member 1
NREP neuronal regeneration related protein
OLFM1 olfactomedin 1
ORAI3 ORAI calcium release-activated calcium modulator 3
PCDH9 protocadherin 9
PGAP3 post-GPI attachment to proteins 3
PHLDA1 pleckstrin homology-like domain, family A, member 1
PYCARD PYD and CARD domain containing
RGS5 regulator of G-protein signaling 5
RNASET2 ribonuclease T2
S100B S100 calcium binding protein B
SCG2 secretogranin II
SCRG1 stimulator of chondrogenesis 1
SNAP25 synaptosomal-associated protein, 25kDa
SOX2 SRY (sex determining region Y)-box 2
SPP1 secreted phosphoprotein 1
STMN2 stathmin 2
TBX2 T-box 2
TFPI tissue factor pathway inhibitor (lipoprotein-associated coagulation inhibitor)
TRIB2 tribbles pseudokinase 2
VWF von Willebrand factor

decreased expression

Symbol Name
ADRB2 adrenoceptor beta 2, surface
CDC25A cell division cycle 25A
CDC45 cell division cycle 45
CDC6 cell division cycle 6
CLDN3 claudin 3
CLDN4 claudin 4
CYP1B1 cytochrome P450, family 1, subfamily B, polypeptide 1
DPT dermatopontin
DSP desmoplakin
EGR2 early growth response 2
EZR ezrin
FHL1 four and a half LIM domains 1
FSTL1 follistatin-like 1
GAL galanin/GMAP prepropeptide
GEM GTP binding protein overexpressed in skeletal muscle
GREM1 gremlin 1, DAN family BMP antagonist
HMGB2 high mobility group box 2
ID2 inhibitor of DNA binding 2, dominant negative helix-loop-helix protein
IGFBP3 insulin-like growth factor binding protein 3
IGKV1-5 immunoglobulin kappa variable 1-5
IGKV4-1 immunoglobulin kappa variable 4-1
INHBA inhibin, beta A
INSIG1 insulin induced gene 1
ITM2A integral membrane protein 2A
JCHAIN joining chain of multimeric IgA and IgM
KLK11 kallikrein-related peptidase 11
KRT6A keratin 6A, type II
KRT6B keratin 6B, type II
LAMA3 laminin, alpha 3
LBH limb bud and heart development
LCN2 lipocalin 2
LOX lysyl oxidase
LRRC15 leucine rich repeat containing 15
MALL mal, T-cell differentiation protein-like
MFAP5 microfibrillar associated protein 5
MICAL2 microtubule associated monooxygenase, calponin and LIM domain containing 2
MYB v-myb avian myeloblastosis viral oncogene homolog
NUSAP1 nucleolar and spindle associated protein 1
OAT ornithine aminotransferase
PFKP phosphofructokinase, platelet
RANBP1 RAN binding protein 1
RFC2 replication factor C (activator 1) 2, 40kDa
SMCO4 single-pass membrane protein with coiled-coil domains 4
SPINK5 serine peptidase inhibitor, Kazal type 5
SQRDL sulfide quinone reductase-like (yeast)
STC2 stanniocalcin 2
STEAP1 six transmembrane epithelial antigen of the prostate 1
TACSTD2 tumor-associated calcium signal transducer 2
TCF4 transcription factor 4
TFAM transcription factor A, mitochondrial
TFF3 trefoil factor 3 (intestinal)
TNFAIP8 tumor necrosis factor, alpha-induced protein 8
TPM1 tropomyosin 1 (alpha)
TUBB6 tubulin, beta 6 class V
VRK1 vaccinia related kinase 1