EYA1 Gene Set

Dataset DEPOD Substrates of Phosphatases
Category physical interactions
Type phosphatase
Description EYA transcriptional coactivator and phosphatase 1|This gene encodes a member of the eyes absent (EYA) family of proteins. The encoded protein may play a role in the developing kidney, branchial arches, eye, and ear. Mutations of this gene have been associated with branchiootorenal dysplasia syndrome, branchiootic syndrome, and sporadic cases of congenital cataracts and ocular anterior segment anomalies. A similar protein in mice can act as a transcriptional activator. Alternatively spliced transcript variants have been identified for this gene. [provided by RefSeq, Dec 2013] (NCBI Entrez Gene Database, 2138)
External Link http://www.koehn.embl.de/depod/showp.php?gene=EYA1
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2 substrates of the phosphatase EYA1 from the curated DEPOD Substrates of Phosphatases dataset.

Symbol Name
H2AFX H2A histone family, member X
POLR2A polymerase (RNA) II (DNA directed) polypeptide A, 220kDa