HNF1A_OE_GDS1499_252_human_HEK293 embryonic kidney cells Gene Set

Dataset GEO Signatures of Differentially Expressed Genes for Gene Perturbations
Category transcriptomics
Type gene perturbation
Description gene perturbation identified as [gene symbol]_[perturbation]_[GEO accession]_[perturbation ID]_[organism]_[cell or tissue] (Gene Expression Omnibus)
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467 genes differentially expressed following the HNF1A_OE_GDS1499_252_human_HEK293 embryonic kidney cells gene perturbation from the GEO Signatures of Differentially Expressed Genes for Gene Perturbations dataset.

increased expression

Symbol Name
ABCF1 ATP-binding cassette, sub-family F (GCN20), member 1
ACADVL acyl-CoA dehydrogenase, very long chain
ACE angiotensin I converting enzyme
ACTA2 actin, alpha 2, smooth muscle, aorta
ADARB2 adenosine deaminase, RNA-specific, B2 (non-functional)
ADGRF1 adhesion G protein-coupled receptor F1
ADIPOR2 adiponectin receptor 2
ADRA1D adrenoceptor alpha 1D
ALDH2 aldehyde dehydrogenase 2 family (mitochondrial)
AMELY amelogenin, Y-linked
ANO1 anoctamin 1, calcium activated chloride channel
ANO3 anoctamin 3
ARF5 ADP-ribosylation factor 5
ARID4B AT rich interactive domain 4B (RBP1-like)
ASPN asporin
ATF3 activating transcription factor 3
ATP1B1 ATPase, Na+/K+ transporting, beta 1 polypeptide
ATP5C1 ATP synthase, H+ transporting, mitochondrial F1 complex, gamma polypeptide 1
ATP6V1E1 ATPase, H+ transporting, lysosomal 31kDa, V1 subunit E1
ATP6V1G1 ATPase, H+ transporting, lysosomal 13kDa, V1 subunit G1
BACH1 BTB and CNC homology 1, basic leucine zipper transcription factor 1
BAMBI BMP and activin membrane-bound inhibitor
BATF basic leucine zipper transcription factor, ATF-like
BBOX1 butyrobetaine (gamma), 2-oxoglutarate dioxygenase (gamma-butyrobetaine hydroxylase) 1
BCCIP BRCA2 and CDKN1A interacting protein
BCL7C B-cell CLL/lymphoma 7C
BRF2 BRF2, RNA polymerase III transcription initiation factor 50 kDa subunit
C1R complement component 1, r subcomponent
CAST calpastatin
CCDC102B coiled-coil domain containing 102B
CD14 CD14 molecule
CD1D CD1d molecule
CD2AP CD2-associated protein
CDH16 cadherin 16, KSP-cadherin
CDH17 cadherin 17, LI cadherin (liver-intestine)
CDH5 cadherin 5, type 2 (vascular endothelium)
CDS2 CDP-diacylglycerol synthase (phosphatidate cytidylyltransferase) 2
CDX2 caudal type homeobox 2
CEACAM8 carcinoembryonic antigen-related cell adhesion molecule 8
CECR5 cat eye syndrome chromosome region, candidate 5
CHKB choline kinase beta
CHL1 cell adhesion molecule L1-like
CHRNA2 cholinergic receptor, nicotinic, alpha 2 (neuronal)
CLCN6 chloride channel, voltage-sensitive 6
COL19A1 collagen, type XIX, alpha 1
COLQ collagen-like tail subunit (single strand of homotrimer) of asymmetric acetylcholinesterase
CRTAM cytotoxic and regulatory T cell molecule
CSRNP3 cysteine-serine-rich nuclear protein 3
CTNNBIP1 catenin, beta interacting protein 1
CXCL13 chemokine (C-X-C motif) ligand 13
DDC dopa decarboxylase (aromatic L-amino acid decarboxylase)
DDOST dolichyl-diphosphooligosaccharide--protein glycosyltransferase subunit (non-catalytic)
DDX18 DEAD (Asp-Glu-Ala-Asp) box polypeptide 18
DEC1 deleted in esophageal cancer 1
DEFB1 defensin, beta 1
DHCR7 7-dehydrocholesterol reductase
DHX35 DEAH (Asp-Glu-Ala-His) box polypeptide 35
DIAPH2 diaphanous-related formin 2
DONSON downstream neighbor of SON
DPEP3 dipeptidase 3
DUSP3 dual specificity phosphatase 3
EFNB1 ephrin-B1
EHF ets homologous factor
EHHADH enoyl-CoA, hydratase/3-hydroxyacyl CoA dehydrogenase
EI24 etoposide induced 2.4
EIF4G2 eukaryotic translation initiation factor 4 gamma, 2
ELAVL4 ELAV like neuron-specific RNA binding protein 4
ERH enhancer of rudimentary homolog (Drosophila)
ETV2 ets variant 2
EXOSC1 exosome component 1
FAM35A family with sequence similarity 35, member A
FAM50A family with sequence similarity 50, member A
FCN2 ficolin (collagen/fibrinogen domain containing lectin) 2
FNBP1L formin binding protein 1-like
FRMD1 FERM domain containing 1
G6PC glucose-6-phosphatase, catalytic subunit
GABPA GA binding protein transcription factor, alpha subunit 60kDa
GAL3ST1 galactose-3-O-sulfotransferase 1
GAS2 growth arrest-specific 2
GCNT2 glucosaminyl (N-acetyl) transferase 2, I-branching enzyme (I blood group)
GIGYF2 GRB10 interacting GYF protein 2
GINS1 GINS complex subunit 1 (Psf1 homolog)
GOLGA6A golgin A6 family, member A
GPR6 G protein-coupled receptor 6
GRAMD1C GRAM domain containing 1C
GREM2 gremlin 2, DAN family BMP antagonist
GSG1 germ cell associated 1
HCP5 HLA complex P5 (non-protein coding)
HERPUD1 homocysteine-inducible, endoplasmic reticulum stress-inducible, ubiquitin-like domain member 1
HIST1H2BM histone cluster 1, H2bm
HIVEP1 human immunodeficiency virus type I enhancer binding protein 1
HNF4G hepatocyte nuclear factor 4, gamma
HOXD1 homeobox D1
HSD17B3 hydroxysteroid (17-beta) dehydrogenase 3
HSPB3 heat shock 27kDa protein 3
HTN1 histatin 1
HYDIN HYDIN, axonemal central pair apparatus protein
IER3IP1 immediate early response 3 interacting protein 1
IFNA21 interferon, alpha 21
IGLV2-23 immunoglobulin lambda variable 2-23
IKZF5 IKAROS family zinc finger 5 (Pegasus)
IL18R1 interleukin 18 receptor 1
IL24 interleukin 24
IL3 interleukin 3
IL7R interleukin 7 receptor
KCNA2 potassium channel, voltage gated shaker related subfamily A, member 2
KCNA3 potassium channel, voltage gated shaker related subfamily A, member 3
KCNE5 potassium channel, voltage gated subfamily E regulatory beta subunit 5
KLHDC4 kelch domain containing 4
LHX1 LIM homeobox 1
LIMS3 LIM and senescent cell antigen-like domains 3
LOC57399 uncharacterized gastric protein ZA52P
LPA lipoprotein, Lp(a)
LYPLA2P1 lysophospholipase II pseudogene 1
LYRM2 LYR motif containing 2
MAGEA6 melanoma antigen family A6
MAP4K2 mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase kinase kinase 2
MAST2 microtubule associated serine/threonine kinase 2
MCF2L2 MCF.2 cell line derived transforming sequence-like 2
MCTP2 multiple C2 domains, transmembrane 2
MDN1 MDN1, midasin homolog (yeast)
MMADHC methylmalonic aciduria (cobalamin deficiency) cblD type, with homocystinuria
MMP1 matrix metallopeptidase 1
MMP10 matrix metallopeptidase 10
MMP3 matrix metallopeptidase 3
MTA2 metastasis associated 1 family, member 2
NAT10 N-acetyltransferase 10 (GCN5-related)
NAT8 N-acetyltransferase 8 (GCN5-related, putative)
NDRG3 NDRG family member 3
NDRG4 NDRG family member 4
NDUFA3 NADH dehydrogenase (ubiquinone) 1 alpha subcomplex, 3, 9kDa
NEUROD4 neuronal differentiation 4
NEUROG3 neurogenin 3
NLGN3 neuroligin 3
NLGN4Y neuroligin 4, Y-linked
NMBR neuromedin B receptor
NMUR1 neuromedin U receptor 1
NOL8 nucleolar protein 8
ORM1 orosomucoid 1
OTUD7B OTU deubiquitinase 7B
PAK6 p21 protein (Cdc42/Rac)-activated kinase 6
PDCD4 programmed cell death 4 (neoplastic transformation inhibitor)
PDE5A phosphodiesterase 5A, cGMP-specific
PFKP phosphofructokinase, platelet
PIP5K1A phosphatidylinositol-4-phosphate 5-kinase, type I, alpha
PKD2L2 polycystic kidney disease 2-like 2
PLA1A phospholipase A1 member A
POU1F1 POU class 1 homeobox 1
POU3F3 POU class 3 homeobox 3
PPP1R1A protein phosphatase 1, regulatory (inhibitor) subunit 1A
PRDX2 peroxiredoxin 2
PREPL prolyl endopeptidase-like
PSMC3 proteasome (prosome, macropain) 26S subunit, ATPase, 3
PTN pleiotrophin
PTPRS protein tyrosine phosphatase, receptor type, S
PTRF polymerase I and transcript release factor
RAB9A RAB9A, member RAS oncogene family
RAD21L1 RAD21-like 1 (S. pombe)
RAG2 recombination activating gene 2
RNF126P1 ring finger protein 126 pseudogene 1
RNMTL1 RNA methyltransferase like 1
RPL13A ribosomal protein L13a
RPL36 ribosomal protein L36
RPS4X ribosomal protein S4, X-linked
SAMD9 sterile alpha motif domain containing 9
SCGB2A2 secretoglobin, family 2A, member 2
SCN2A sodium channel, voltage gated, type II alpha subunit
SCRN1 secernin 1
SEMA3D sema domain, immunoglobulin domain (Ig), short basic domain, secreted, (semaphorin) 3D
SERPINA3 serpin peptidase inhibitor, clade A (alpha-1 antiproteinase, antitrypsin), member 3
SHARPIN SHANK-associated RH domain interactor
SIPA1 signal-induced proliferation-associated 1
SIPA1L3 signal-induced proliferation-associated 1 like 3
SIX2 SIX homeobox 2
SLC22A3 solute carrier family 22 (organic cation transporter), member 3
SLC25A16 solute carrier family 25 (mitochondrial carrier), member 16
SLC26A4 solute carrier family 26 (anion exchanger), member 4
SLC28A1 solute carrier family 28 (concentrative nucleoside transporter), member 1
SLC6A7 solute carrier family 6 (neurotransmitter transporter), member 7
SPIN2A spindlin family, member 2A
SPP1 secreted phosphoprotein 1
STARD8 StAR-related lipid transfer (START) domain containing 8
SYCP2 synaptonemal complex protein 2
TBC1D12 TBC1 domain family, member 12
TBC1D8B TBC1 domain family, member 8B (with GRAM domain)
TBXAS1 thromboxane A synthase 1 (platelet)
TEX28 testis expressed 28
TKTL1 transketolase-like 1
TMEM100 transmembrane protein 100
TNFAIP2 tumor necrosis factor, alpha-induced protein 2
TOE1 target of EGR1, member 1 (nuclear)
TOX thymocyte selection-associated high mobility group box
TRIM5 tripartite motif containing 5
TRPC5 transient receptor potential cation channel, subfamily C, member 5
TRPC6 transient receptor potential cation channel, subfamily C, member 6
TRPC7 transient receptor potential cation channel, subfamily C, member 7
TRPV4 transient receptor potential cation channel, subfamily V, member 4
TSHZ2 teashirt zinc finger homeobox 2
TSPAN8 tetraspanin 8
TSPYL4 TSPY-like 4
TXK TXK tyrosine kinase
TXNDC9 thioredoxin domain containing 9
TXNRD3 thioredoxin reductase 3
UBE2Q1 ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme E2Q family member 1
UGT2A3 UDP glucuronosyltransferase 2 family, polypeptide A3
VNN1 vanin 1
YTHDF3 YTH N(6)-methyladenosine RNA binding protein 3
ZBBX zinc finger, B-box domain containing
ZBED2 zinc finger, BED-type containing 2
ZC3H11A zinc finger CCCH-type containing 11A
ZEB1 zinc finger E-box binding homeobox 1
ZFP2 ZFP2 zinc finger protein
ZNF257 zinc finger protein 257
ZNF41 zinc finger protein 41
ZNF80 zinc finger protein 80

decreased expression

Symbol Name
ACTL7B actin-like 7B
ADGRB3 adhesion G protein-coupled receptor B3
ADGRL1 adhesion G protein-coupled receptor L1
ADH1A alcohol dehydrogenase 1A (class I), alpha polypeptide
AGRP agouti related neuropeptide
ANKH ANKH inorganic pyrophosphate transport regulator
ANKS1B ankyrin repeat and sterile alpha motif domain containing 1B
ARHGAP19 Rho GTPase activating protein 19
ARHGEF10L Rho guanine nucleotide exchange factor (GEF) 10-like
ARHGEF17 Rho guanine nucleotide exchange factor (GEF) 17
ARL2BP ADP-ribosylation factor-like 2 binding protein
ARPP21 cAMP-regulated phosphoprotein, 21kDa
ASGR1 asialoglycoprotein receptor 1
ATG9A autophagy related 9A
ATP2B2 ATPase, Ca++ transporting, plasma membrane 2
ATP6AP1 ATPase, H+ transporting, lysosomal accessory protein 1
ATXN8OS ATXN8 opposite strand (non-protein coding)
AVP arginine vasopressin
B3GAT1 beta-1,3-glucuronyltransferase 1
B4GALT6 UDP-Gal:betaGlcNAc beta 1,4- galactosyltransferase, polypeptide 6
BCL11A B-cell CLL/lymphoma 11A (zinc finger protein)
BPESC1 blepharophimosis, epicanthus inversus and ptosis, candidate 1 (non-protein coding)
BTG1 B-cell translocation gene 1, anti-proliferative
C1QB complement component 1, q subcomponent, B chain
C3ORF36 chromosome 3 open reading frame 36
CACNA2D3 calcium channel, voltage-dependent, alpha 2/delta subunit 3
CAPZB capping protein (actin filament) muscle Z-line, beta
CATSPERG catsper channel auxiliary subunit gamma
CCDC106 coiled-coil domain containing 106
CCDC132 coiled-coil domain containing 132
CCR6 chemokine (C-C motif) receptor 6
CCR9 chemokine (C-C motif) receptor 9
CD40 CD40 molecule, TNF receptor superfamily member 5
CDC42EP4 CDC42 effector protein (Rho GTPase binding) 4
CELF2 CUGBP, Elav-like family member 2
CEP350 centrosomal protein 350kDa
CEPT1 choline/ethanolamine phosphotransferase 1
CHAC1 ChaC glutathione-specific gamma-glutamylcyclotransferase 1
CHM choroideremia (Rab escort protein 1)
CHRM4 cholinergic receptor, muscarinic 4
CLTA clathrin, light chain A
CNKSR2 connector enhancer of kinase suppressor of Ras 2
CNTN6 contactin 6
COL21A1 collagen, type XXI, alpha 1
COMP cartilage oligomeric matrix protein
COX6A1 cytochrome c oxidase subunit VIa polypeptide 1
CRCT1 cysteine-rich C-terminal 1
CRK v-crk avian sarcoma virus CT10 oncogene homolog
CRYBA1 crystallin, beta A1
CSDE1 cold shock domain containing E1, RNA-binding
CSN1S1 casein alpha s1
CTCF CCCTC-binding factor (zinc finger protein)
CTNNA2 catenin (cadherin-associated protein), alpha 2
CUZD1 CUB and zona pellucida-like domains 1
CXCL11 chemokine (C-X-C motif) ligand 11
CXCL14 chemokine (C-X-C motif) ligand 14
CYP20A1 cytochrome P450, family 20, subfamily A, polypeptide 1
DDA1 DET1 and DDB1 associated 1
DDX1 DEAD (Asp-Glu-Ala-Asp) box helicase 1
DDX52 DEAD (Asp-Glu-Ala-Asp) box polypeptide 52
DGKI diacylglycerol kinase, iota
DHPS deoxyhypusine synthase
DHRS11 dehydrogenase/reductase (SDR family) member 11
DKK2 dickkopf WNT signaling pathway inhibitor 2
DMC1 DNA meiotic recombinase 1
EBNA1BP2 EBNA1 binding protein 2
ECE2 endothelin converting enzyme 2
EFCAB1 EF-hand calcium binding domain 1
ENAH enabled homolog (Drosophila)
EPCAM epithelial cell adhesion molecule
EPHB4 EPH receptor B4
ETV5 ets variant 5
EXOC3 exocyst complex component 3
F3 coagulation factor III (thromboplastin, tissue factor)
FAH fumarylacetoacetate hydrolase (fumarylacetoacetase)
FAM127A family with sequence similarity 127, member A
FAM32A family with sequence similarity 32, member A
FAM76A family with sequence similarity 76, member A
FANCF Fanconi anemia, complementation group F
FARSA phenylalanyl-tRNA synthetase, alpha subunit
FCN1 ficolin (collagen/fibrinogen domain containing) 1
FGF13 fibroblast growth factor 13
FLRT1 fibronectin leucine rich transmembrane protein 1
FOXD3 forkhead box D3
FPR2 formyl peptide receptor 2
FRMPD1 FERM and PDZ domain containing 1
G3BP2 GTPase activating protein (SH3 domain) binding protein 2
GAMT guanidinoacetate N-methyltransferase
GDAP1L1 ganglioside induced differentiation associated protein 1-like 1
GDF10 growth differentiation factor 10
GOSR2 golgi SNAP receptor complex member 2
GRK5 G protein-coupled receptor kinase 5
GTPBP10 GTP-binding protein 10 (putative)
HCG26 HLA complex group 26 (non-protein coding)
HCG4 HLA complex group 4 (non-protein coding)
HCRTR2 hypocretin (orexin) receptor 2
HGC6.3 uncharacterized LOC100128124
HIST1H2BG histone cluster 1, H2bg
HIST1H2BH histone cluster 1, H2bh
HIST1H3B histone cluster 1, H3b
HIST1H3F histone cluster 1, H3f
HOXA1 homeobox A1
HOXB5 homeobox B5
HPCAL1 hippocalcin-like 1
HPR haptoglobin-related protein
HRG histidine-rich glycoprotein
HSD17B14 hydroxysteroid (17-beta) dehydrogenase 14
HSD3B1 hydroxy-delta-5-steroid dehydrogenase, 3 beta- and steroid delta-isomerase 1
HSPBAP1 HSPB (heat shock 27kDa) associated protein 1
IDE insulin-degrading enzyme
IFT140 intraflagellar transport 140
IHH indian hedgehog
IL2 interleukin 2
IMPG2 interphotoreceptor matrix proteoglycan 2
IPO5 importin 5
ISLR immunoglobulin superfamily containing leucine-rich repeat
ITGB3BP integrin beta 3 binding protein (beta3-endonexin)
JTB jumping translocation breakpoint
KANK3 KN motif and ankyrin repeat domains 3
KARS lysyl-tRNA synthetase
KCNJ8 potassium channel, inwardly rectifying subfamily J, member 8
KCNV2 potassium channel, voltage gated modifier subfamily V, member 2
KIAA0141 KIAA0141
KIAA0922 KIAA0922
KL klotho
KLF5 Kruppel-like factor 5 (intestinal)
KPNA2 karyopherin alpha 2 (RAG cohort 1, importin alpha 1)
LAMB3 laminin, beta 3
LDB2 LIM domain binding 2
LDOC1 leucine zipper, down-regulated in cancer 1
LOC100130331 POTE ankyrin domain family, member F pseudogene
LRP3 low density lipoprotein receptor-related protein 3
LRRC36 leucine rich repeat containing 36
MAGEA8 melanoma antigen family A8
MAP1A microtubule-associated protein 1A
MAP2K3 mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase 3
MAPKAPK5 mitogen-activated protein kinase-activated protein kinase 5
MAT2B methionine adenosyltransferase II, beta
MBL2 mannose-binding lectin (protein C) 2, soluble
MBP myelin basic protein
MEF2D myocyte enhancer factor 2D
MFSD9 major facilitator superfamily domain containing 9
MGC4859 uncharacterized LOC79150
MICAL1 microtubule associated monooxygenase, calponin and LIM domain containing 1
MORC2 MORC family CW-type zinc finger 2
MSC musculin
MSTN myostatin
MYO1E myosin IE
NARS asparaginyl-tRNA synthetase
NDUFA7 NADH dehydrogenase (ubiquinone) 1 alpha subcomplex, 7, 14.5kDa
NDUFB2 NADH dehydrogenase (ubiquinone) 1 beta subcomplex, 2, 8kDa
NEK9 NIMA-related kinase 9
NEUROG1 neurogenin 1
NGF nerve growth factor (beta polypeptide)
NINJ1 ninjurin 1
NKX2-5 NK2 homeobox 5
NOX5 NADPH oxidase, EF-hand calcium binding domain 5
NR2F1 nuclear receptor subfamily 2, group F, member 1
NRIP2 nuclear receptor interacting protein 2
NTHL1 nth endonuclease III-like 1 (E. coli)
OBP2A odorant binding protein 2A
OPN1SW opsin 1 (cone pigments), short-wave-sensitive
PDE6B phosphodiesterase 6B, cGMP-specific, rod, beta
PDE6C phosphodiesterase 6C, cGMP-specific, cone, alpha prime
PENK proenkephalin
PER3 period circadian clock 3
PF4 platelet factor 4
PIGA phosphatidylinositol glycan anchor biosynthesis, class A
PITPNC1 phosphatidylinositol transfer protein, cytoplasmic 1
PLAC4 placenta-specific 4
PLSCR3 phospholipid scramblase 3
POLR2D polymerase (RNA) II (DNA directed) polypeptide D
POM121L9P POM121 transmembrane nucleoporin-like 9, pseudogene
POU4F3 POU class 4 homeobox 3
PPIAL4A peptidylprolyl isomerase A (cyclophilin A)-like 4A
PPIL6 peptidylprolyl isomerase (cyclophilin)-like 6
PPP3CB protein phosphatase 3, catalytic subunit, beta isozyme
PRKRIP1 PRKR interacting protein 1 (IL11 inducible)
PRPH peripherin
PTGFR prostaglandin F receptor (FP)
RAB8B RAB8B, member RAS oncogene family
RIBC2 RIB43A domain with coiled-coils 2
RLN2 relaxin 2
RNF10 ring finger protein 10
RNF11 ring finger protein 11
RORC RAR-related orphan receptor C
RPL3L ribosomal protein L3-like
RRAGB Ras-related GTP binding B
RTN1 reticulon 1
RUFY2 RUN and FYVE domain containing 2
RYR1 ryanodine receptor 1 (skeletal)
SCGB1A1 secretoglobin, family 1A, member 1 (uteroglobin)
SCN1A sodium channel, voltage gated, type I alpha subunit
SCN4A sodium channel, voltage gated, type IV alpha subunit
SCUBE3 signal peptide, CUB domain, EGF-like 3
SDHC succinate dehydrogenase complex, subunit C, integral membrane protein, 15kDa
SEMA3E sema domain, immunoglobulin domain (Ig), short basic domain, secreted, (semaphorin) 3E
SERPINA10 serpin peptidase inhibitor, clade A (alpha-1 antiproteinase, antitrypsin), member 10
SERPINB10 serpin peptidase inhibitor, clade B (ovalbumin), member 10
SERPIND1 serpin peptidase inhibitor, clade D (heparin cofactor), member 1
SETD5 SET domain containing 5
SFSWAP splicing factor, suppressor of white-apricot family
SHCBP1 SHC SH2-domain binding protein 1
SLC20A1 solute carrier family 20 (phosphate transporter), member 1
SLC23A2 solute carrier family 23 (ascorbic acid transporter), member 2
SLC25A13 solute carrier family 25 (aspartate/glutamate carrier), member 13
SLC25A28 solute carrier family 25 (mitochondrial iron transporter), member 28
SLC25A5 solute carrier family 25 (mitochondrial carrier; adenine nucleotide translocator), member 5
SLC26A6 solute carrier family 26 (anion exchanger), member 6
SLC34A2 solute carrier family 34 (type II sodium/phosphate cotransporter), member 2
SMARCA5 SWI/SNF related, matrix associated, actin dependent regulator of chromatin, subfamily a, member 5
SNRPN small nuclear ribonucleoprotein polypeptide N
SOX30 SRY (sex determining region Y)-box 30
SPRR2C small proline-rich protein 2C (pseudogene)
SPRR3 small proline-rich protein 3
SPTLC3 serine palmitoyltransferase, long chain base subunit 3
SRSF3 serine/arginine-rich splicing factor 3
ST3GAL1 ST3 beta-galactoside alpha-2,3-sialyltransferase 1
ST5 suppression of tumorigenicity 5
STAT3 signal transducer and activator of transcription 3 (acute-phase response factor)
STK16 serine/threonine kinase 16
SULT1A2 sulfotransferase family, cytosolic, 1A, phenol-preferring, member 2
SUPT4H1 suppressor of Ty 4 homolog 1 (S. cerevisiae)
TARS threonyl-tRNA synthetase
TCAF1 TRPM8 channel-associated factor 1
TFAP2B transcription factor AP-2 beta (activating enhancer binding protein 2 beta)
TGOLN2 trans-golgi network protein 2
THY1 Thy-1 cell surface antigen
TIMELESS timeless circadian clock
TLR5 toll-like receptor 5
TRAM1 translocation associated membrane protein 1
TRPC4 transient receptor potential cation channel, subfamily C, member 4
TSPAN9 tetraspanin 9
TSPYL5 TSPY-like 5
UBB ubiquitin B
UBE2G1 ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme E2G 1
UGT2B4 UDP glucuronosyltransferase 2 family, polypeptide B4
UPF3B UPF3 regulator of nonsense transcripts homolog B (yeast)
USH2A Usher syndrome 2A (autosomal recessive, mild)
VGLL4 vestigial-like family member 4
VPS54 vacuolar protein sorting 54 homolog (S. cerevisiae)
WARS2 tryptophanyl tRNA synthetase 2, mitochondrial
XPO7 exportin 7
YRDC yrdC N(6)-threonylcarbamoyltransferase domain containing
ZAP70 zeta-chain (TCR) associated protein kinase 70kDa
ZDHHC24 zinc finger, DHHC-type containing 24
ZDHHC3 zinc finger, DHHC-type containing 3
ZMYM1 zinc finger, MYM-type 1
ZNF529 zinc finger protein 529
ZNRF4 zinc and ring finger 4