Lewy Body Disease Gene Set

Dataset CTD Gene-Disease Associations
Category disease or phenotype associations
Type disease
Description A dementia and a synucleinopathy that is characterized by the development of abnormal proteinaceous (alpha-synuclein) cytoplasmic inclusions, called Lewy bodies, throughout the brain that results in progressive decline in mental abilities. (Human Disease Ontology, DOID_12217)
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18 genes/proteins associated with the disease Lewy Body Disease from the curated CTD Gene-Disease Associations dataset.

Symbol Name Standardized Value
IGF2R insulin-like growth factor 2 receptor 2.88009
SNCA synuclein, alpha (non A4 component of amyloid precursor) 2.88009
MAG myelin associated glycoprotein 2.88009
NTRK2 neurotrophic tyrosine kinase, receptor, type 2 2.88009
NTRK1 neurotrophic tyrosine kinase, receptor, type 1 2.88009
GFAP glial fibrillary acidic protein 2.88009
INS insulin 2.88009
GBA glucosidase, beta, acid 2.88009
NGF nerve growth factor (beta polypeptide) 2.88009
INSR insulin receptor 2.88009
EDN1 endothelin 1 2.88009
BECN1 beclin 1, autophagy related 2.88009
SOD2 superoxide dismutase 2, mitochondrial 2.88009
SNCB synuclein, beta 2.88009
IGF2 insulin-like growth factor 2 2.88009
AGER advanced glycosylation end product-specific receptor 2.88009
AIF1 allograft inflammatory factor 1 2.88009
IGF1R insulin-like growth factor 1 receptor 2.88009