MLLT11 Gene Set

Dataset MSigDB Cancer Gene Co-expression Modules
Category transcriptomics
Type co-expressed gene
Description myeloid/lymphoid or mixed-lineage leukemia (trithorax homolog, Drosophila); translocated to, 11|The gene variously symbolized ALL1, HRX, or MLL located on 11q23 has been demonstrated to be fused with a number of translocation partners in cases of leukemia. t(1;11)(q21;q23) translocations that fused the MLL gene to a gene on chromosomal band 1q21 in 2 infants with acute myelomonocytic leukemia have been demonstrated. The N-terminal portion of the MLL gene is critical for leukemogenesis in translocations involving band 11q23. This gene encodes 90 amino acids. It was found to be highly expressed in the thymus but not in peripheral lymphoid tissues. In contrast to its restricted distribution in normal hematopoietic tissue, this gene was expressed in all leukemic cell lines tested. [provided by RefSeq, Jul 2008] (NCBI Entrez Gene Database, 10962)
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25 co-expressed genes for MLLT11 from the MSigDB Cancer Gene Co-expression Modules dataset.

Symbol Name
ADCY1 adenylate cyclase 1 (brain)
ANK2 ankyrin 2, neuronal
ASTN1 astrotactin 1
ATP9A ATPase, class II, type 9A
CLIP3 CAP-GLY domain containing linker protein 3
CSPG5 chondroitin sulfate proteoglycan 5 (neuroglycan C)
DCLK1 doublecortin-like kinase 1
DYNC1I1 dynein, cytoplasmic 1, intermediate chain 1
GAD1 glutamate decarboxylase 1 (brain, 67kDa)
GAP43 growth associated protein 43
GNAO1 guanine nucleotide binding protein (G protein), alpha activating activity polypeptide O
GPM6A glycoprotein M6A
INA internexin neuronal intermediate filament protein, alpha
KIF3C kinesin family member 3C
KIF5C kinesin family member 5C
MLLT11 myeloid/lymphoid or mixed-lineage leukemia (trithorax homolog, Drosophila); translocated to, 11
MYT1L myelin transcription factor 1-like
NCAN neurocan
PTPRD protein tyrosine phosphatase, receptor type, D
RALYL RALY RNA binding protein-like
RTN1 reticulon 1
SOBP sine oculis binding protein homolog (Drosophila)
STMN2 stathmin 2
STMN4 stathmin-like 4
TUBB tubulin, beta class I