N-acetyl-L-aspartic acid-3265 Gene Set

Dataset CMAP Signatures of Differentially Expressed Genes for Small Molecules
Category transcriptomics
Type small molecule perturbation
Description small molecule perturbation identified as [small molecule name]-[perturbation ID] (ChIP-X Enrichment Analysis)
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198 genes differentially expressed following the N-acetyl-L-aspartic acid-3265 small molecule perturbation from the CMAP Signatures of Differentially Expressed Genes for Small Molecules dataset.

increased expression

Symbol Name
A1CF APOBEC1 complementation factor
ALDOB aldolase B, fructose-bisphosphate
ANGPTL2 angiopoietin-like 2
ANTXR1 anthrax toxin receptor 1
APOD apolipoprotein D
ARID4B AT rich interactive domain 4B (RBP1-like)
B4GALT1 UDP-Gal:betaGlcNAc beta 1,4- galactosyltransferase, polypeptide 1
BAZ2A bromodomain adjacent to zinc finger domain, 2A
BBS9 Bardet-Biedl syndrome 9
C2CD2L C2CD2-like
CACNA1H calcium channel, voltage-dependent, T type, alpha 1H subunit
CADM3 cell adhesion molecule 3
CASP2 caspase 2, apoptosis-related cysteine peptidase
CBFA2T2 core-binding factor, runt domain, alpha subunit 2; translocated to, 2
CBL Cbl proto-oncogene, E3 ubiquitin protein ligase
CCDC186 coiled-coil domain containing 186
CDC25A cell division cycle 25A
CDH8 cadherin 8, type 2
CDK6 cyclin-dependent kinase 6
COPZ2 coatomer protein complex, subunit zeta 2
CPB1 carboxypeptidase B1 (tissue)
CPQ carboxypeptidase Q
CTDP1 CTD (carboxy-terminal domain, RNA polymerase II, polypeptide A) phosphatase, subunit 1
DNALI1 dynein, axonemal, light intermediate chain 1
ELOVL2 ELOVL fatty acid elongase 2
ENPP4 ectonucleotide pyrophosphatase/phosphodiesterase 4 (putative)
ERP44 endoplasmic reticulum protein 44
FAM76A family with sequence similarity 76, member A
FBXL7 F-box and leucine-rich repeat protein 7
FGF18 fibroblast growth factor 18
FGFBP1 fibroblast growth factor binding protein 1
FSCN1 fascin actin-bundling protein 1
FUT6 fucosyltransferase 6 (alpha (1,3) fucosyltransferase)
G3BP1 GTPase activating protein (SH3 domain) binding protein 1
GGA3 golgi-associated, gamma adaptin ear containing, ARF binding protein 3
GSTP1 glutathione S-transferase pi 1
GYG2 glycogenin 2
HEG1 heart development protein with EGF-like domains 1
HIST1H1D histone cluster 1, H1d
HLA-DOA major histocompatibility complex, class II, DO alpha
HOXD1 homeobox D1
IKZF1 IKAROS family zinc finger 1 (Ikaros)
KAT6A K(lysine) acetyltransferase 6A
KIAA0319L KIAA0319-like
KIF21B kinesin family member 21B
KRT17 keratin 17, type I
LTC4S leukotriene C4 synthase
MAGI2 membrane associated guanylate kinase, WW and PDZ domain containing 2
MARK2 MAP/microtubule affinity-regulating kinase 2
MCF2L MCF.2 cell line derived transforming sequence-like
MED25 mediator complex subunit 25
MSL3 male-specific lethal 3 homolog (Drosophila)
MUC3B mucin 3B, cell surface associated
NDRG2 NDRG family member 2
NFX1 nuclear transcription factor, X-box binding 1
PADI1 peptidyl arginine deiminase, type I
PBXIP1 pre-B-cell leukemia homeobox interacting protein 1
PCSK6 proprotein convertase subtilisin/kexin type 6
PRSS53 protease, serine, 53
PTGDS prostaglandin D2 synthase 21kDa (brain)
PTPN11 protein tyrosine phosphatase, non-receptor type 11
RAB40C RAB40C, member RAS oncogene family
RAB6A RAB6A, member RAS oncogene family
RAPGEF2 Rap guanine nucleotide exchange factor (GEF) 2
RBM19 RNA binding motif protein 19
REC8 REC8 meiotic recombination protein
RPL10L ribosomal protein L10-like
RUNX3 runt-related transcription factor 3
RUSC2 RUN and SH3 domain containing 2
S100A6 S100 calcium binding protein A6
SAA4 serum amyloid A4, constitutive
SAFB2 scaffold attachment factor B2
SAMD4A sterile alpha motif domain containing 4A
SHANK1 SH3 and multiple ankyrin repeat domains 1
SKI SKI proto-oncogene
SKIL SKI-like proto-oncogene
SLC12A4 solute carrier family 12 (potassium/chloride transporter), member 4
SLC22A14 solute carrier family 22, member 14
SLC7A2 solute carrier family 7 (cationic amino acid transporter, y+ system), member 2
SNTA1 syntrophin, alpha 1
SPDEF SAM pointed domain containing ETS transcription factor
STK3 serine/threonine kinase 3
TBL1Y transducin (beta)-like 1, Y-linked
TFEB transcription factor EB
TFPI2 tissue factor pathway inhibitor 2
TNFRSF25 tumor necrosis factor receptor superfamily, member 25
TPM2 tropomyosin 2 (beta)
TRD T cell receptor delta locus
TSC22D2 TSC22 domain family, member 2
UBTD1 ubiquitin domain containing 1
UBXN1 UBX domain protein 1
UPP1 uridine phosphorylase 1
VASP vasodilator-stimulated phosphoprotein
WHSC1L1 Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome candidate 1-like 1
YTHDC2 YTH domain containing 2
YY1 YY1 transcription factor
ZC3H13 zinc finger CCCH-type containing 13
ZNF197 zinc finger protein 197
ZNF34 zinc finger protein 34

decreased expression

Symbol Name
ACTR3B ARP3 actin-related protein 3 homolog B (yeast)
ADPRM ADP-ribose/CDP-alcohol diphosphatase, manganese-dependent
ALDH1A3 aldehyde dehydrogenase 1 family, member A3
AP1G2 adaptor-related protein complex 1, gamma 2 subunit
ARHGEF16 Rho guanine nucleotide exchange factor (GEF) 16
ARRB1 arrestin, beta 1
ARRB2 arrestin, beta 2
ATG16L1 autophagy related 16-like 1 (S. cerevisiae)
BAGE B melanoma antigen
BCL11B B-cell CLL/lymphoma 11B (zinc finger protein)
BCL2L2 BCL2-like 2
BCL9 B-cell CLL/lymphoma 9
BTBD2 BTB (POZ) domain containing 2
C11ORF95 chromosome 11 open reading frame 95
C17ORF80 chromosome 17 open reading frame 80
C6ORF47 chromosome 6 open reading frame 47
CALCOCO1 calcium binding and coiled-coil domain 1
CAPN1 calpain 1, (mu/I) large subunit
CASZ1 castor zinc finger 1
CCNO cyclin O
CCNT1 cyclin T1
CDK3 cyclin-dependent kinase 3
CDKL3 cyclin-dependent kinase-like 3
CENPT centromere protein T
CFD complement factor D (adipsin)
CGA glycoprotein hormones, alpha polypeptide
CUEDC1 CUE domain containing 1
CWC25 CWC25 spliceosome-associated protein homolog (S. cerevisiae)
CXORF56 chromosome X open reading frame 56
DCAF17 DDB1 and CUL4 associated factor 17
DGCR11 DiGeorge syndrome critical region gene 11 (non-protein coding)
DHX35 DEAH (Asp-Glu-Ala-His) box polypeptide 35
DNAAF2 dynein, axonemal, assembly factor 2
DNAL4 dynein, axonemal, light chain 4
DSCAM Down syndrome cell adhesion molecule
EHHADH enoyl-CoA, hydratase/3-hydroxyacyl CoA dehydrogenase
EHMT1 euchromatic histone-lysine N-methyltransferase 1
FBXW7 F-box and WD repeat domain containing 7, E3 ubiquitin protein ligase
FGGY FGGY carbohydrate kinase domain containing
GAA glucosidase, alpha; acid
GAREM GRB2 associated, regulator of MAPK1
GPR19 G protein-coupled receptor 19
HGSNAT heparan-alpha-glucosaminide N-acetyltransferase
HIST1H4F histone cluster 1, H4f
HOXC10 homeobox C10
ICK intestinal cell (MAK-like) kinase
IFT81 intraflagellar transport 81
IL15RA interleukin 15 receptor, alpha
IPP intracisternal A particle-promoted polypeptide
ISG20 interferon stimulated exonuclease gene 20kDa
ITPKB inositol-trisphosphate 3-kinase B
KIAA0513 KIAA0513
KLF3 Kruppel-like factor 3 (basic)
LINC00115 long intergenic non-protein coding RNA 115
LRRC61 leucine rich repeat containing 61
LSM14B LSM14B, SCD6 homolog B (S. cerevisiae)
MBOAT2 membrane bound O-acyltransferase domain containing 2
MPP6 membrane protein, palmitoylated 6 (MAGUK p55 subfamily member 6)
MRPL44 mitochondrial ribosomal protein L44
MYL5 myosin, light chain 5, regulatory
NAA50 N(alpha)-acetyltransferase 50, NatE catalytic subunit
NAP1L2 nucleosome assembly protein 1-like 2
NDST2 N-deacetylase/N-sulfotransferase (heparan glucosaminyl) 2
NPL N-acetylneuraminate pyruvate lyase (dihydrodipicolinate synthase)
OVOL1 ovo-like zinc finger 1
PER3 period circadian clock 3
PGAP1 post-GPI attachment to proteins 1
PIP5K1C phosphatidylinositol-4-phosphate 5-kinase, type I, gamma
PKN1 protein kinase N1
PODXL podocalyxin-like
PRICKLE3 prickle homolog 3 (Drosophila)
RAB40B RAB40B, member RAS oncogene family
SECISBP2 SECIS binding protein 2
SIK1 salt-inducible kinase 1
SIX1 SIX homeobox 1
SLC26A6 solute carrier family 26 (anion exchanger), member 6
SLC35C1 solute carrier family 35 (GDP-fucose transporter), member C1
SNAI2 snail family zinc finger 2
SNORA21 small nucleolar RNA, H/ACA box 21
STAG3 stromal antigen 3
STAG3L4 stromal antigen 3-like 4 (pseudogene)
STARD5 StAR-related lipid transfer (START) domain containing 5
SUN2 Sad1 and UNC84 domain containing 2
TET3 tet methylcytosine dioxygenase 3
TMEM39B transmembrane protein 39B
TMEM62 transmembrane protein 62
TMUB2 transmembrane and ubiquitin-like domain containing 2
TPRA1 transmembrane protein, adipocyte asscociated 1
TRIP10 thyroid hormone receptor interactor 10
TTC13 tetratricopeptide repeat domain 13
TULP4 tubby like protein 4
USP36 ubiquitin specific peptidase 36
ZBTB5 zinc finger and BTB domain containing 5
ZCCHC10 zinc finger, CCHC domain containing 10
ZNF16 zinc finger protein 16
ZNF219 zinc finger protein 219
ZNF696 zinc finger protein 696
ZNF778 zinc finger protein 778