PIAS1_Depletion_GDS5076_12_human_MDA-MB 231 breast cancer cells Gene Set

Dataset GEO Signatures of Differentially Expressed Genes for Gene Perturbations
Category transcriptomics
Type gene perturbation
Description gene perturbation identified as [gene symbol]_[perturbation]_[GEO accession]_[perturbation ID]_[organism]_[cell or tissue] (Gene Expression Omnibus)
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466 genes differentially expressed following the PIAS1_Depletion_GDS5076_12_human_MDA-MB 231 breast cancer cells gene perturbation from the GEO Signatures of Differentially Expressed Genes for Gene Perturbations dataset.

increased expression

Symbol Name
A2M alpha-2-macroglobulin
ABCC8 ATP-binding cassette, sub-family C (CFTR/MRP), member 8
ADH1C alcohol dehydrogenase 1C (class I), gamma polypeptide
AKR1A1 aldo-keto reductase family 1, member A1 (aldehyde reductase)
ALPK1 alpha-kinase 1
AP2S1 adaptor-related protein complex 2, sigma 1 subunit
ARFGAP3 ADP-ribosylation factor GTPase activating protein 3
ARIH2 ariadne RBR E3 ubiquitin protein ligase 2
ASCL2 achaete-scute family bHLH transcription factor 2
ATP5E ATP synthase, H+ transporting, mitochondrial F1 complex, epsilon subunit
AUNIP aurora kinase A and ninein interacting protein
B4GALT5 UDP-Gal:betaGlcNAc beta 1,4- galactosyltransferase, polypeptide 5
BCAS3 breast carcinoma amplified sequence 3
BHMT2 betaine--homocysteine S-methyltransferase 2
BLNK B-cell linker
CCDC82 coiled-coil domain containing 82
CCL27 chemokine (C-C motif) ligand 27
CCNT2 cyclin T2
CCSER2 coiled-coil serine-rich protein 2
CDC42BPB CDC42 binding protein kinase beta (DMPK-like)
CDH20 cadherin 20, type 2
CDKL2 cyclin-dependent kinase-like 2 (CDC2-related kinase)
CDKN2A cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor 2A
CDO1 cysteine dioxygenase type 1
CERS4 ceramide synthase 4
CHST15 carbohydrate (N-acetylgalactosamine 4-sulfate 6-O) sulfotransferase 15
CINP cyclin-dependent kinase 2 interacting protein
CPB2 carboxypeptidase B2 (plasma)
CR2 complement component (3d/Epstein Barr virus) receptor 2
CRLF1 cytokine receptor-like factor 1
CRMP1 collapsin response mediator protein 1
CYP11B2 cytochrome P450, family 11, subfamily B, polypeptide 2
DAAM1 dishevelled associated activator of morphogenesis 1
DCAF4 DDB1 and CUL4 associated factor 4
DCK deoxycytidine kinase
DCTN5 dynactin 5 (p25)
DLG2 discs, large homolog 2 (Drosophila)
DNAJB9 DnaJ (Hsp40) homolog, subfamily B, member 9
DUS1L dihydrouridine synthase 1-like (S. cerevisiae)
E2F1 E2F transcription factor 1
E4F1 E4F transcription factor 1
ECSIT ECSIT signalling integrator
EDN2 endothelin 2
ENOPH1 enolase-phosphatase 1
EPN3 epsin 3
ESRRA estrogen-related receptor alpha
EXOSC1 exosome component 1
FA2H fatty acid 2-hydroxylase
FEN1 flap structure-specific endonuclease 1
FGF13 fibroblast growth factor 13
FLII flightless I homolog (Drosophila)
FPGS folylpolyglutamate synthase
FRMD8 FERM domain containing 8
FZD10 frizzled class receptor 10
GALR3 galanin receptor 3
GATAD2A GATA zinc finger domain containing 2A
GBP2 guanylate binding protein 2, interferon-inducible
GORASP1 golgi reassembly stacking protein 1, 65kDa
GPKOW G patch domain and KOW motifs
GRB14 growth factor receptor-bound protein 14
GSC2 goosecoid homeobox 2
HARS2 histidyl-tRNA synthetase 2, mitochondrial
HCRTR2 hypocretin (orexin) receptor 2
HIST1H2AG histone cluster 1, H2ag
HMHB1 histocompatibility (minor) HB-1
HOXA4 homeobox A4
HTR1E 5-hydroxytryptamine (serotonin) receptor 1E, G protein-coupled
IFNA2 interferon, alpha 2
IGSF6 immunoglobulin superfamily, member 6
IHH indian hedgehog
INTS9 integrator complex subunit 9
KCNA2 potassium channel, voltage gated shaker related subfamily A, member 2
KCNE1 potassium channel, voltage gated subfamily E regulatory beta subunit 1
KCNJ2 potassium channel, inwardly rectifying subfamily J, member 2
KERA keratocan
KIF17 kinesin family member 17
KIR2DL2 killer cell immunoglobulin-like receptor, two domains, long cytoplasmic tail, 2
KLK14 kallikrein-related peptidase 14
LAMA4 laminin, alpha 4
LAMB4 laminin, beta 4
LEFTY2 left-right determination factor 2
LHB luteinizing hormone beta polypeptide
LIM2 lens intrinsic membrane protein 2, 19kDa
LPP LIM domain containing preferred translocation partner in lipoma
LRRC37BP1 leucine rich repeat containing 37B pseudogene 1
LRRTM4 leucine rich repeat transmembrane neuronal 4
LUC7L3 LUC7-like 3 (S. cerevisiae)
MAGEB4 melanoma antigen family B4
MBL2 mannose-binding lectin (protein C) 2, soluble
MDFI MyoD family inhibitor
MEFV Mediterranean fever
MLF2 myeloid leukemia factor 2
MNDA myeloid cell nuclear differentiation antigen
MOB4 MOB family member 4, phocein
MRPL12 mitochondrial ribosomal protein L12
MRPL22 mitochondrial ribosomal protein L22
MSTN myostatin
MTMR10 myotubularin related protein 10
MYL6 myosin, light chain 6, alkali, smooth muscle and non-muscle
MYO9B myosin IXB
NCAPH2 non-SMC condensin II complex, subunit H2
NCF1C neutrophil cytosolic factor 1C pseudogene
NDN necdin, melanoma antigen (MAGE) family member
NEU2 sialidase 2 (cytosolic sialidase)
NKX6-1 NK6 homeobox 1
NLGN4Y neuroligin 4, Y-linked
NSA2 NSA2 ribosome biogenesis homolog (S. cerevisiae)
NT5E 5'-nucleotidase, ecto (CD73)
NTNG1 netrin G1
NUP153 nucleoporin 153kDa
OLFM4 olfactomedin 4
PALMD palmdelphin
PCGF3 polycomb group ring finger 3
PCSK1 proprotein convertase subtilisin/kexin type 1
PDE6B phosphodiesterase 6B, cGMP-specific, rod, beta
PDHB pyruvate dehydrogenase (lipoamide) beta
PDZRN3 PDZ domain containing ring finger 3
PHACTR1 phosphatase and actin regulator 1
PIWIL2 piwi-like RNA-mediated gene silencing 2
PLA1A phospholipase A1 member A
PMP2 peripheral myelin protein 2
POMT1 protein-O-mannosyltransferase 1
PRKCA protein kinase C, alpha
PRPF4B pre-mRNA processing factor 4B
PRSS16 protease, serine, 16 (thymus)
PSAP prosaposin
PTHLH parathyroid hormone-like hormone
RAB32 RAB32, member RAS oncogene family
RAD51 RAD51 recombinase
RAPSN receptor-associated protein of the synapse
RARRES1 retinoic acid receptor responder (tazarotene induced) 1
RGS13 regulator of G-protein signaling 13
RIMBP2 RIMS binding protein 2
RLF rearranged L-myc fusion
RNF5 ring finger protein 5, E3 ubiquitin protein ligase
RPP14 ribonuclease P/MRP 14kDa subunit
RPS16 ribosomal protein S16
RPS29 ribosomal protein S29
RPS5 ribosomal protein S5
S100A5 S100 calcium binding protein A5
SCGB2A2 secretoglobin, family 2A, member 2
SCNN1B sodium channel, non voltage gated 1 beta subunit
SDHC succinate dehydrogenase complex, subunit C, integral membrane protein, 15kDa
SEC61G Sec61 gamma subunit
SEMA3D sema domain, immunoglobulin domain (Ig), short basic domain, secreted, (semaphorin) 3D
SH3BGR SH3 domain binding glutamate-rich protein
SIK3 SIK family kinase 3
SLC35A3 solute carrier family 35 (UDP-N-acetylglucosamine (UDP-GlcNAc) transporter), member A3
SLC4A5 solute carrier family 4 (sodium bicarbonate cotransporter), member 5
SMARCD2 SWI/SNF related, matrix associated, actin dependent regulator of chromatin, subfamily d, member 2
SOHLH2 spermatogenesis and oogenesis specific basic helix-loop-helix 2
SOX14 SRY (sex determining region Y)-box 14
SOX5P SRY (sex determining region Y)-box 5 pseudogene
SRM spermidine synthase
SSR2 signal sequence receptor, beta (translocon-associated protein beta)
STON1 stonin 1
SYNGR1 synaptogyrin 1
TEP1 telomerase-associated protein 1
TEX13A testis expressed 13A
TEX14 testis expressed 14
TEX264 testis expressed 264
TGFBR2 transforming growth factor, beta receptor II (70/80kDa)
THRA thyroid hormone receptor, alpha
TMEM185B transmembrane protein 185B
TMEM39B transmembrane protein 39B
TNKS tankyrase, TRF1-interacting ankyrin-related ADP-ribose polymerase
TPSAB1 tryptase alpha/beta 1
TPTE transmembrane phosphatase with tensin homology
TRPM2 transient receptor potential cation channel, subfamily M, member 2
TTC27 tetratricopeptide repeat domain 27
TTC28 tetratricopeptide repeat domain 28
TTLL12 tubulin tyrosine ligase-like family member 12
UBE2E3 ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme E2E 3
UBXN4 UBX domain protein 4
UGT2B17 UDP glucuronosyltransferase 2 family, polypeptide B17
VCPIP1 valosin containing protein (p97)/p47 complex interacting protein 1
VDR vitamin D (1,25- dihydroxyvitamin D3) receptor
VPREB1 pre-B lymphocyte 1
WASF2 WAS protein family, member 2
YEATS2 YEATS domain containing 2
YIF1A Yip1 interacting factor homolog A (S. cerevisiae)
YWHAZ tyrosine 3-monooxygenase/tryptophan 5-monooxygenase activation protein, zeta
ZFC3H1 zinc finger, C3H1-type containing
ZFP2 ZFP2 zinc finger protein
ZFY zinc finger protein, Y-linked
ZNF132 zinc finger protein 132
ZNF204P zinc finger protein 204, pseudogene
ZNF385D zinc finger protein 385D
ZNF492 zinc finger protein 492
ZNF711 zinc finger protein 711
ZNF783 zinc finger family member 783

decreased expression

Symbol Name
ACVR1B activin A receptor, type IB
ACVRL1 activin A receptor type II-like 1
ADAM29 ADAM metallopeptidase domain 29
ADAMDEC1 ADAM-like, decysin 1
ADAMTS1 ADAM metallopeptidase with thrombospondin type 1 motif, 1
ADAMTS8 ADAM metallopeptidase with thrombospondin type 1 motif, 8
ADNP activity-dependent neuroprotector homeobox
AFF2 AF4/FMR2 family, member 2
AGBL3 ATP/GTP binding protein-like 3
AGR2 anterior gradient 2
ALAS1 5'-aminolevulinate synthase 1
ALDH9A1 aldehyde dehydrogenase 9 family, member A1
ALDOAP2 aldolase A, fructose-bisphosphate pseudogene 2
AMPD1 adenosine monophosphate deaminase 1
ARHGEF2 Rho/Rac guanine nucleotide exchange factor (GEF) 2
ARL14 ADP-ribosylation factor-like 14
ATP12A ATPase, H+/K+ transporting, nongastric, alpha polypeptide
ATP1B4 ATPase, Na+/K+ transporting, beta 4 polypeptide
B4GALT6 UDP-Gal:betaGlcNAc beta 1,4- galactosyltransferase, polypeptide 6
BBOX1 butyrobetaine (gamma), 2-oxoglutarate dioxygenase (gamma-butyrobetaine hydroxylase) 1
BEST1 bestrophin 1
BMP8A bone morphogenetic protein 8a
C5AR1 complement component 5a receptor 1
C7 complement component 7
CA7 carbonic anhydrase VII
CA8 carbonic anhydrase VIII
CACNA1A calcium channel, voltage-dependent, P/Q type, alpha 1A subunit
CAMLG calcium modulating ligand
CASS4 Cas scaffolding protein family member 4
CCND2 cyclin D2
CCNL1 cyclin L1
CCR8 chemokine (C-C motif) receptor 8
CD1E CD1e molecule
CD207 CD207 molecule, langerin
CD96 CD96 molecule
CDY1 chromodomain protein, Y-linked, 1
CELA2A chymotrypsin-like elastase family, member 2A
CEP290 centrosomal protein 290kDa
CES1P1 carboxylesterase 1 pseudogene 1
CHRNA9 cholinergic receptor, nicotinic, alpha 9 (neuronal)
CHST11 carbohydrate (chondroitin 4) sulfotransferase 11
CLASP1 cytoplasmic linker associated protein 1
CNTN6 contactin 6
COX5B cytochrome c oxidase subunit Vb
CPB1 carboxypeptidase B1 (tissue)
CREM cAMP responsive element modulator
CSNK1D casein kinase 1, delta
CST1 cystatin SN
CTNNA2 catenin (cadherin-associated protein), alpha 2
CXCR4 chemokine (C-X-C motif) receptor 4
CYP21A2 cytochrome P450, family 21, subfamily A, polypeptide 2
CYP4B1 cytochrome P450, family 4, subfamily B, polypeptide 1
DALRD3 DALR anticodon binding domain containing 3
DCTN6 dynactin 6
DDX50 DEAD (Asp-Glu-Ala-Asp) box polypeptide 50
DENND3 DENN/MADD domain containing 3
DRD5 dopamine receptor D5
EIF3K eukaryotic translation initiation factor 3, subunit K
ELAVL2 ELAV like neuron-specific RNA binding protein 2
EMX2 empty spiracles homeobox 2
EPHX3 epoxide hydrolase 3
ERBB2IP erbb2 interacting protein
ETNPPL ethanolamine-phosphate phospho-lyase
EXOC5 exocyst complex component 5
F2RL2 coagulation factor II (thrombin) receptor-like 2
F9 coagulation factor IX
FAAH fatty acid amide hydrolase
FAM129A family with sequence similarity 129, member A
FAM172A family with sequence similarity 172, member A
FAM178A family with sequence similarity 178, member A
FBXL4 F-box and leucine-rich repeat protein 4
FFAR2 free fatty acid receptor 2
FGF14 fibroblast growth factor 14
FGF20 fibroblast growth factor 20
FNTB farnesyltransferase, CAAX box, beta
FOXD1 forkhead box D1
FOXD2 forkhead box D2
FSHB follicle stimulating hormone, beta polypeptide
FZD8 frizzled class receptor 8
GABRA3 gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) A receptor, alpha 3
GADD45G growth arrest and DNA-damage-inducible, gamma
GCNT4 glucosaminyl (N-acetyl) transferase 4, core 2
GFM1 G elongation factor, mitochondrial 1
GHR growth hormone receptor
GIF gastric intrinsic factor (vitamin B synthesis)
GLB1L2 galactosidase, beta 1-like 2
GMFB glia maturation factor, beta
GNAZ guanine nucleotide binding protein (G protein), alpha z polypeptide
GPR25 G protein-coupled receptor 25
GPRASP1 G protein-coupled receptor associated sorting protein 1
GTF3C3 general transcription factor IIIC, polypeptide 3, 102kDa
GTF3C4 general transcription factor IIIC, polypeptide 4, 90kDa
H2AFY2 H2A histone family, member Y2
H3F3B H3 histone, family 3B (H3.3B)
HELZ helicase with zinc finger
HEXIM1 hexamethylene bis-acetamide inducible 1
HHLA1 HERV-H LTR-associating 1
HIF1AN hypoxia inducible factor 1, alpha subunit inhibitor
HIST1H2AE histone cluster 1, H2ae
HIST1H4H histone cluster 1, H4h
HIST1H4I histone cluster 1, H4i
HIVEP2 human immunodeficiency virus type I enhancer binding protein 2
HPCA hippocalcin
HSD3B2 hydroxy-delta-5-steroid dehydrogenase, 3 beta- and steroid delta-isomerase 2
HTATIP2 HIV-1 Tat interactive protein 2, 30kDa
HYAL4 hyaluronoglucosaminidase 4
IAPP islet amyloid polypeptide
ID2 inhibitor of DNA binding 2, dominant negative helix-loop-helix protein
IFT57 intraflagellar transport 57
IL17RC interleukin 17 receptor C
IL18R1 interleukin 18 receptor 1
IL1R2 interleukin 1 receptor, type II
IL33 interleukin 33
IPO4 importin 4
IRF3 interferon regulatory factor 3
IRX4 iroquois homeobox 4
ISCA1 iron-sulfur cluster assembly 1
JAM2 junctional adhesion molecule 2
KCNK12 potassium channel, two pore domain subfamily K, member 12
KIAA0141 KIAA0141
KIFAP3 kinesin-associated protein 3
KLK7 kallikrein-related peptidase 7
KRT35 keratin 35, type I
KRTAP1-1 keratin associated protein 1-1
L1TD1 LINE-1 type transposase domain containing 1
LCN1 lipocalin 1
LDOC1 leucine zipper, down-regulated in cancer 1
LECT2 leukocyte cell-derived chemotaxin 2
LINC00963 long intergenic non-protein coding RNA 963
LOC257152 uncharacterized LOC257152
LOC284244 uncharacterized LOC284244
LYPD1 LY6/PLAUR domain containing 1
LYPD3 LY6/PLAUR domain containing 3
MARK3 MAP/microtubule affinity-regulating kinase 3
MAT2A methionine adenosyltransferase II, alpha
MBTD1 mbt domain containing 1
MC4R melanocortin 4 receptor
MCF2L2 MCF.2 cell line derived transforming sequence-like 2
MED16 mediator complex subunit 16
MED21 mediator complex subunit 21
METAP1 methionyl aminopeptidase 1
MGAT4B mannosyl (alpha-1,3-)-glycoprotein beta-1,4-N-acetylglucosaminyltransferase, isozyme B
MGAT4C MGAT4 family, member C
MLIP muscular LMNA-interacting protein
MMP1 matrix metallopeptidase 1
MNT MAX network transcriptional repressor
MRPS35 mitochondrial ribosomal protein S35
MST1 macrophage stimulating 1
MTHFD2 methylenetetrahydrofolate dehydrogenase (NADP+ dependent) 2, methenyltetrahydrofolate cyclohydrolase
MTUS2 microtubule associated tumor suppressor candidate 2
MYO1D myosin ID
NAP1L3 nucleosome assembly protein 1-like 3
NBR2 neighbor of BRCA1 gene 2 (non-protein coding)
NCALD neurocalcin delta
NDUFAF5 NADH dehydrogenase (ubiquinone) complex I, assembly factor 5
NECAB2 N-terminal EF-hand calcium binding protein 2
NFE2L2 nuclear factor, erythroid 2-like 2
NKX3-1 NK3 homeobox 1
NOS1AP nitric oxide synthase 1 (neuronal) adaptor protein
NPY1R neuropeptide Y receptor Y1
NSUN5P1 NOP2/Sun domain family, member 5 pseudogene 1
OAT ornithine aminotransferase
OBP2A odorant binding protein 2A
OGN osteoglycin
PAEP progestagen-associated endometrial protein
PAN2 PAN2 poly(A) specific ribonuclease subunit
PDCD4 programmed cell death 4 (neoplastic transformation inhibitor)
PDHX pyruvate dehydrogenase complex, component X
PDZK1 PDZ domain containing 1
PGR progesterone receptor
PHYHIP phytanoyl-CoA 2-hydroxylase interacting protein
PLA2G3 phospholipase A2, group III
PLEKHM1 pleckstrin homology domain containing, family M (with RUN domain) member 1
PLP1 proteolipid protein 1
POLR3C polymerase (RNA) III (DNA directed) polypeptide C (62kD)
PPBPP2 pro-platelet basic protein pseudogene 2
PPEF2 protein phosphatase, EF-hand calcium binding domain 2
PPFIA1 protein tyrosine phosphatase, receptor type, f polypeptide (PTPRF), interacting protein (liprin), alpha 1
PPM1B protein phosphatase, Mg2+/Mn2+ dependent, 1B
PREX2 phosphatidylinositol-3,4,5-trisphosphate-dependent Rac exchange factor 2
PRND prion protein 2 (dublet)
PROZ protein Z, vitamin K-dependent plasma glycoprotein
PSCA prostate stem cell antigen
PSMC2 proteasome (prosome, macropain) 26S subunit, ATPase, 2
PSTPIP1 proline-serine-threonine phosphatase interacting protein 1
PUM1 pumilio RNA-binding family member 1
PVRIG poliovirus receptor related immunoglobulin domain containing
PVRL2 poliovirus receptor-related 2 (herpesvirus entry mediator B)
RAF1 Raf-1 proto-oncogene, serine/threonine kinase
RASA2 RAS p21 protein activator 2
RASGRF1 Ras protein-specific guanine nucleotide-releasing factor 1
RASGRP1 RAS guanyl releasing protein 1 (calcium and DAG-regulated)
RASSF1 Ras association (RalGDS/AF-6) domain family member 1
RCC1 regulator of chromosome condensation 1
RFPL1S RFPL1 antisense RNA 1
RHBDF2 rhomboid 5 homolog 2 (Drosophila)
RHOBTB2 Rho-related BTB domain containing 2
RHOT1 ras homolog family member T1
RIBC2 RIB43A domain with coiled-coils 2
RLBP1 retinaldehyde binding protein 1
RPL23 ribosomal protein L23
RPS2P45 ribosomal protein S2 pseudogene 45
RSL1D1 ribosomal L1 domain containing 1
S100A10 S100 calcium binding protein A10
SCG3 secretogranin III
SCN3A sodium channel, voltage gated, type III alpha subunit
SCN9A sodium channel, voltage gated, type IX alpha subunit
SDF2 stromal cell-derived factor 2
SDR39U1 short chain dehydrogenase/reductase family 39U, member 1
SDS serine dehydratase
SEC14L1P1 SEC14-like 1 pseudogene 1
SEC16A SEC16 homolog A (S. cerevisiae)
SEC31A SEC31 homolog A (S. cerevisiae)
SELENBP1 selenium binding protein 1
SELL selectin L
SERINC1 serine incorporator 1
SERPINB2 serpin peptidase inhibitor, clade B (ovalbumin), member 2
SERPINB4 serpin peptidase inhibitor, clade B (ovalbumin), member 4
SERPINB7 serpin peptidase inhibitor, clade B (ovalbumin), member 7
SF3B1 splicing factor 3b, subunit 1, 155kDa
SLC16A8 solute carrier family 16 (monocarboxylate transporter), member 8
SLC18A2 solute carrier family 18 (vesicular monoamine transporter), member 2
SLC19A3 solute carrier family 19 (thiamine transporter), member 3
SLC35F5 solute carrier family 35, member F5
SLC5A7 solute carrier family 5 (sodium/choline cotransporter), member 7
SLC6A16 solute carrier family 6, member 16
SLC7A2 solute carrier family 7 (cationic amino acid transporter, y+ system), member 2
SMU1 smu-1 suppressor of mec-8 and unc-52 homolog (C. elegans)
SOD1 superoxide dismutase 1, soluble
SOX3 SRY (sex determining region Y)-box 3
SP4 Sp4 transcription factor
SPANXB1 SPANX family, member B1
SPANXC SPANX family, member C
SPIB Spi-B transcription factor (Spi-1/PU.1 related)
SRSF10 serine/arginine-rich splicing factor 10
STYXL1 serine/threonine/tyrosine interacting-like 1
SULT4A1 sulfotransferase family 4A, member 1
SURF2 surfeit 2
SYNPO synaptopodin
SYT1 synaptotagmin I
TAAR2 trace amine associated receptor 2
TAAR5 trace amine associated receptor 5
TACR3 tachykinin receptor 3
TAX1BP1 Tax1 (human T-cell leukemia virus type I) binding protein 1
TBC1D29 TBC1 domain family, member 29
TBL2 transducin (beta)-like 2
TCN1 transcobalamin I (vitamin B12 binding protein, R binder family)
TDRD7 tudor domain containing 7
TIMM44 translocase of inner mitochondrial membrane 44 homolog (yeast)
TNFSF10 tumor necrosis factor (ligand) superfamily, member 10
TRIM36 tripartite motif containing 36
TSEN2 TSEN2 tRNA splicing endonuclease subunit
TSPAN8 tetraspanin 8
TYRP1 tyrosinase-related protein 1
UBA52 ubiquitin A-52 residue ribosomal protein fusion product 1
UBE4A ubiquitination factor E4A
UTP14C UTP14, U3 small nucleolar ribonucleoprotein, homolog C (yeast)
UTS2 urotensin 2
VARS valyl-tRNA synthetase
VHL von Hippel-Lindau tumor suppressor, E3 ubiquitin protein ligase
WNT5A wingless-type MMTV integration site family, member 5A
XCR1 chemokine (C motif) receptor 1
ZC3H7A zinc finger CCCH-type containing 7A
ZCCHC10 zinc finger, CCHC domain containing 10
ZMYM3 zinc finger, MYM-type 3
ZNF154 zinc finger protein 154
ZNF16 zinc finger protein 16
ZNF174 zinc finger protein 174
ZNF257 zinc finger protein 257
ZNF302 zinc finger protein 302
ZNF355P zinc finger protein 355, pseudogene
ZNHIT1 zinc finger, HIT-type containing 1