SR-95639A-1336 Gene Set

Dataset CMAP Signatures of Differentially Expressed Genes for Small Molecules
Category transcriptomics
Type small molecule perturbation
Description small molecule perturbation identified as [small molecule name]-[perturbation ID] (ChIP-X Enrichment Analysis)
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198 genes differentially expressed following the SR-95639A-1336 small molecule perturbation from the CMAP Signatures of Differentially Expressed Genes for Small Molecules dataset.

increased expression

Symbol Name
ADCY3 adenylate cyclase 3
ADK adenosine kinase
APP amyloid beta (A4) precursor protein
ARNTL aryl hydrocarbon receptor nuclear translocator-like
BMP1 bone morphogenetic protein 1
BTN2A1 butyrophilin, subfamily 2, member A1
CAMK4 calcium/calmodulin-dependent protein kinase IV
CCDC186 coiled-coil domain containing 186
CCDC85C coiled-coil domain containing 85C
CDCP1 CUB domain containing protein 1
CEP152 centrosomal protein 152kDa
COPA coatomer protein complex, subunit alpha
COX6A2 cytochrome c oxidase subunit VIa polypeptide 2
CSF2RA colony stimulating factor 2 receptor, alpha, low-affinity (granulocyte-macrophage)
CYP3A4 cytochrome P450, family 3, subfamily A, polypeptide 4
DGKA diacylglycerol kinase, alpha 80kDa
DHODH dihydroorotate dehydrogenase (quinone)
DHRS12 dehydrogenase/reductase (SDR family) member 12
DNAJB12 DnaJ (Hsp40) homolog, subfamily B, member 12
DNAJB4 DnaJ (Hsp40) homolog, subfamily B, member 4
DNAJC13 DnaJ (Hsp40) homolog, subfamily C, member 13
DTNA dystrobrevin, alpha
EMILIN2 elastin microfibril interfacer 2
EPHB2 EPH receptor B2
FAM178A family with sequence similarity 178, member A
FAM63B family with sequence similarity 63, member B
FCAR Fc fragment of IgA receptor
FUT8 fucosyltransferase 8 (alpha (1,6) fucosyltransferase)
GALNT2 polypeptide N-acetylgalactosaminyltransferase 2
GK3P glycerol kinase 3 pseudogene
GLYR1 glyoxylate reductase 1 homolog (Arabidopsis)
GNAQ guanine nucleotide binding protein (G protein), q polypeptide
GTF2I general transcription factor IIi
HPS1 Hermansky-Pudlak syndrome 1
ILF3 interleukin enhancer binding factor 3, 90kDa
ITPR2 inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate receptor, type 2
KIAA0754 KIAA0754
LMAN1 lectin, mannose-binding, 1
LRP6 low density lipoprotein receptor-related protein 6
MAP7 microtubule-associated protein 7
MBTPS1 membrane-bound transcription factor peptidase, site 1
MBTPS2 membrane-bound transcription factor peptidase, site 2
MCL1 myeloid cell leukemia 1
MED28 mediator complex subunit 28
MFN2 mitofusin 2
MGEA5 meningioma expressed antigen 5 (hyaluronidase)
MTAP methylthioadenosine phosphorylase
NFYA nuclear transcription factor Y, alpha
NMT1 N-myristoyltransferase 1
NRP1 neuropilin 1
OGFOD3 2-oxoglutarate and iron-dependent oxygenase domain containing 3
PAFAH2 platelet-activating factor acetylhydrolase 2, 40kDa
PBX2 pre-B-cell leukemia homeobox 2
PCGF2 polycomb group ring finger 2
PDLIM7 PDZ and LIM domain 7 (enigma)
PLK4 polo-like kinase 4
PLSCR1 phospholipid scramblase 1
POFUT1 protein O-fucosyltransferase 1
PPP1R7 protein phosphatase 1, regulatory subunit 7
PSMD11 proteasome (prosome, macropain) 26S subunit, non-ATPase, 11
PYGB phosphorylase, glycogen; brain
R3HCC1L R3H domain and coiled-coil containing 1-like
RCAN1 regulator of calcineurin 1
RIPK1 receptor (TNFRSF)-interacting serine-threonine kinase 1
RNF6 ring finger protein (C3H2C3 type) 6
RNGTT RNA guanylyltransferase and 5'-phosphatase
ROCK2 Rho-associated, coiled-coil containing protein kinase 2
RPL18 ribosomal protein L18
RUSC2 RUN and SH3 domain containing 2
SEC24D SEC24 family member D
SGSM3 small G protein signaling modulator 3
SIRT3 sirtuin 3
SLC16A3 solute carrier family 16 (monocarboxylate transporter), member 3
SNRPN small nuclear ribonucleoprotein polypeptide N
SNX2 sorting nexin 2
SOS2 son of sevenless homolog 2 (Drosophila)
SPATA2 spermatogenesis associated 2
SRD5A1 steroid-5-alpha-reductase, alpha polypeptide 1 (3-oxo-5 alpha-steroid delta 4-dehydrogenase alpha 1)
SRR serine racemase
ST3GAL4 ST3 beta-galactoside alpha-2,3-sialyltransferase 4
STAM2 signal transducing adaptor molecule (SH3 domain and ITAM motif) 2
STC2 stanniocalcin 2
TAP2 transporter 2, ATP-binding cassette, sub-family B (MDR/TAP)
TINF2 TERF1 (TRF1)-interacting nuclear factor 2
TMEM159 transmembrane protein 159
TMEM38B transmembrane protein 38B
TNFRSF10B tumor necrosis factor receptor superfamily, member 10b
U2AF2 U2 small nuclear RNA auxiliary factor 2
VAMP4 vesicle-associated membrane protein 4
VARS valyl-tRNA synthetase
WASF3 WAS protein family, member 3
WDR1 WD repeat domain 1
WDR45 WD repeat domain 45
XAF1 XIAP associated factor 1
ZBTB43 zinc finger and BTB domain containing 43
ZEB1 zinc finger E-box binding homeobox 1
ZNF254 zinc finger protein 254
ZNF37BP zinc finger protein 37B, pseudogene
ZNF675 zinc finger protein 675

decreased expression

Symbol Name
A1CF APOBEC1 complementation factor
ACTR3B ARP3 actin-related protein 3 homolog B (yeast)
ACVR2B activin A receptor, type IIB
ADORA3 adenosine A3 receptor
AHDC1 AT hook, DNA binding motif, containing 1
ANKRD40 ankyrin repeat domain 40
ANKZF1 ankyrin repeat and zinc finger domain containing 1
APOLD1 apolipoprotein L domain containing 1
ARFIP2 ADP-ribosylation factor interacting protein 2
ARHGEF3 Rho guanine nucleotide exchange factor (GEF) 3
ASAP1-IT1 ASAP1 intronic transcript 1
ASL argininosuccinate lyase
AURKAIP1 aurora kinase A interacting protein 1
BACE1 beta-site APP-cleaving enzyme 1
BAX BCL2-associated X protein
BBC3 BCL2 binding component 3
BPI bactericidal/permeability-increasing protein
BST1 bone marrow stromal cell antigen 1
BTBD18 BTB (POZ) domain containing 18
BZRAP1 benzodiazepine receptor (peripheral) associated protein 1
C11ORF21 chromosome 11 open reading frame 21
C11ORF30 chromosome 11 open reading frame 30
C7ORF43 chromosome 7 open reading frame 43
C8ORF44 chromosome 8 open reading frame 44
CAPN15 calpain 15
CARM1 coactivator-associated arginine methyltransferase 1
CDADC1 cytidine and dCMP deaminase domain containing 1
CIC capicua transcriptional repressor
CLCN6 chloride channel, voltage-sensitive 6
CTAGE9 CTAGE family, member 9
DOLK dolichol kinase
DPY19L2P2 DPY19L2 pseudogene 2
DUSP4 dual specificity phosphatase 4
ECHDC2 enoyl CoA hydratase domain containing 2
EEF1A2 eukaryotic translation elongation factor 1 alpha 2
ENO2 enolase 2 (gamma, neuronal)
EPHB6 EPH receptor B6
ETV4 ets variant 4
FAM184A family with sequence similarity 184, member A
FAM53B family with sequence similarity 53, member B
FBXW7 F-box and WD repeat domain containing 7, E3 ubiquitin protein ligase
FES FES proto-oncogene, tyrosine kinase
FHIT fragile histidine triad
FOSB FBJ murine osteosarcoma viral oncogene homolog B
GMEB1 glucocorticoid modulatory element binding protein 1
HERC6 HECT and RLD domain containing E3 ubiquitin protein ligase family member 6
HPSE heparanase
INF2 inverted formin, FH2 and WH2 domain containing
KLHDC4 kelch domain containing 4
LMBR1L limb development membrane protein 1-like
LMNB1 lamin B1
LOC202181 SUMO-interacting motifs containing 1 pseudogene
LRRK1 leucine-rich repeat kinase 1
MCRS1 microspherule protein 1
MICAL3 microtubule associated monooxygenase, calponin and LIM domain containing 3
NMRK1 nicotinamide riboside kinase 1
NPFFR1 neuropeptide FF receptor 1
PDLIM2 PDZ and LIM domain 2 (mystique)
PHACTR1 phosphatase and actin regulator 1
PLEKHA5 pleckstrin homology domain containing, family A member 5
POMGNT1 protein O-linked mannose N-acetylglucosaminyltransferase 1 (beta 1,2-)
POP1 processing of precursor 1, ribonuclease P/MRP subunit (S. cerevisiae)
PPP3R1 protein phosphatase 3, regulatory subunit B, alpha
PRR4 proline rich 4 (lacrimal)
PTCD1 pentatricopeptide repeat domain 1
PTRH2 peptidyl-tRNA hydrolase 2
RFTN1 raftlin, lipid raft linker 1
RHBDF2 rhomboid 5 homolog 2 (Drosophila)
RHOBTB1 Rho-related BTB domain containing 1
RNF122 ring finger protein 122
RNF126P1 ring finger protein 126 pseudogene 1
RNF19A ring finger protein 19A, RBR E3 ubiquitin protein ligase
RRAS related RAS viral (r-ras) oncogene homolog
SIDT1 SID1 transmembrane family, member 1
SLC16A10 solute carrier family 16 (aromatic amino acid transporter), member 10
SLC2A6 solute carrier family 2 (facilitated glucose transporter), member 6
SLC50A1 solute carrier family 50 (sugar efflux transporter), member 1
SREBF1 sterol regulatory element binding transcription factor 1
STBD1 starch binding domain 1
SUZ12P1 suppressor of zeste 12 homolog pseudogene 1
TAF15 TAF15 RNA polymerase II, TATA box binding protein (TBP)-associated factor, 68kDa
TAOK1 TAO kinase 1
TBC1D17 TBC1 domain family, member 17
THRAP3 thyroid hormone receptor associated protein 3
TMEM242 transmembrane protein 242
TMEM254 transmembrane protein 254
TNFRSF12A tumor necrosis factor receptor superfamily, member 12A
TSPAN32 tetraspanin 32
UBIAD1 UbiA prenyltransferase domain containing 1
UNC119 unc-119 homolog (C. elegans)
VASH1 vasohibin 1
VILL villin-like
ZC3H3 zinc finger CCCH-type containing 3
ZDHHC18 zinc finger, DHHC-type containing 18
ZNF226 zinc finger protein 226
ZNF573 zinc finger protein 573
ZNF580 zinc finger protein 580
ZNF671 zinc finger protein 671
ZSCAN5A zinc finger and SCAN domain containing 5A