SYNCRIP_OE_GDS1886_83_human_THP-1 cells Gene Set

Dataset GEO Signatures of Differentially Expressed Genes for Gene Perturbations
Category transcriptomics
Type gene perturbation
Description gene perturbation identified as [gene symbol]_[perturbation]_[GEO accession]_[perturbation ID]_[organism]_[cell or tissue] (Gene Expression Omnibus)
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454 genes differentially expressed following the SYNCRIP_OE_GDS1886_83_human_THP-1 cells gene perturbation from the GEO Signatures of Differentially Expressed Genes for Gene Perturbations dataset.

increased expression

Symbol Name
ACAA1 acetyl-CoA acyltransferase 1
ACSL5 acyl-CoA synthetase long-chain family member 5
ADAM3A ADAM metallopeptidase domain 3A (pseudogene)
ADAMTS1 ADAM metallopeptidase with thrombospondin type 1 motif, 1
ADGRF1 adhesion G protein-coupled receptor F1
AFAP1 actin filament associated protein 1
AGFG1 ArfGAP with FG repeats 1
AGRN agrin
AICDA activation-induced cytidine deaminase
AK4 adenylate kinase 4
ANKRD36BP2 ankyrin repeat domain 36B pseudogene 2
APBA3 amyloid beta (A4) precursor protein-binding, family A, member 3
APIP APAF1 interacting protein
ARC activity-regulated cytoskeleton-associated protein
ARF6 ADP-ribosylation factor 6
ATP6V1G1 ATPase, H+ transporting, lysosomal 13kDa, V1 subunit G1
ATXN2 ataxin 2
BBC3 BCL2 binding component 3
BCL11A B-cell CLL/lymphoma 11A (zinc finger protein)
BMP1 bone morphogenetic protein 1
BST2 bone marrow stromal cell antigen 2
C7 complement component 7
CAMTA1 calmodulin binding transcription activator 1
CASP5 caspase 5, apoptosis-related cysteine peptidase
CBR1 carbonyl reductase 1
CCDC102B coiled-coil domain containing 102B
CCDC53 coiled-coil domain containing 53
CCDC93 coiled-coil domain containing 93
CCNL1 cyclin L1
CD59 CD59 molecule, complement regulatory protein
CDADC1 cytidine and dCMP deaminase domain containing 1
CFDP1 craniofacial development protein 1
CHAC1 ChaC glutathione-specific gamma-glutamylcyclotransferase 1
CHL1 cell adhesion molecule L1-like
CHORDC1 cysteine and histidine-rich domain (CHORD) containing 1
CIAO1 cytosolic iron-sulfur assembly component 1
CNTN2 contactin 2 (axonal)
CNTN5 contactin 5
COL10A1 collagen, type X, alpha 1
COLEC11 collectin sub-family member 11
COPB1 coatomer protein complex, subunit beta 1
CRCT1 cysteine-rich C-terminal 1
CRIPT cysteine-rich PDZ-binding protein
CRYAA crystallin, alpha A
CSNK2A1 casein kinase 2, alpha 1 polypeptide
CTPS2 CTP synthase 2
CYP20A1 cytochrome P450, family 20, subfamily A, polypeptide 1
CYP39A1 cytochrome P450, family 39, subfamily A, polypeptide 1
CYTH2 cytohesin 2
CYTL1 cytokine-like 1
DBH dopamine beta-hydroxylase (dopamine beta-monooxygenase)
DCX doublecortin
DDX23 DEAD (Asp-Glu-Ala-Asp) box polypeptide 23
DENND2D DENN/MADD domain containing 2D
DIO3 deiodinase, iodothyronine, type III
DLC1 DLC1 Rho GTPase activating protein
DLST dihydrolipoamide S-succinyltransferase (E2 component of 2-oxo-glutarate complex)
DNAJA2 DnaJ (Hsp40) homolog, subfamily A, member 2
DOCK1 dedicator of cytokinesis 1
DPP4 dipeptidyl-peptidase 4
DPPA4 developmental pluripotency associated 4
DSN1 DSN1, MIS12 kinetochore complex component
DUOX2 dual oxidase 2
DYNLT1 dynein, light chain, Tctex-type 1
EBP emopamil binding protein (sterol isomerase)
ECHDC1 ethylmalonyl-CoA decarboxylase 1
ECM2 extracellular matrix protein 2, female organ and adipocyte specific
EIF3D eukaryotic translation initiation factor 3, subunit D
EIF4A2 eukaryotic translation initiation factor 4A2
ELL elongation factor RNA polymerase II
EMILIN2 elastin microfibril interfacer 2
ENDOU endonuclease, polyU-specific
ENOSF1 enolase superfamily member 1
ENSA endosulfine alpha
EPB41 erythrocyte membrane protein band 4.1
EPHA2 EPH receptor A2
EPHA5 EPH receptor A5
EPHX2 epoxide hydrolase 2, cytoplasmic
ETFA electron-transfer-flavoprotein, alpha polypeptide
FAM188A family with sequence similarity 188, member A
FAT2 FAT atypical cadherin 2
FGD1 FYVE, RhoGEF and PH domain containing 1
FHL5 four and a half LIM domains 5
FKBP4 FK506 binding protein 4, 59kDa
FKBP5 FK506 binding protein 5
FLAD1 flavin adenine dinucleotide synthetase 1
FLNB filamin B, beta
FOXL2 forkhead box L2
FSTL4 follistatin-like 4
GAB1 GRB2-associated binding protein 1
GABRD gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) A receptor, delta
GABRR1 gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) A receptor, rho 1
GCNT2 glucosaminyl (N-acetyl) transferase 2, I-branching enzyme (I blood group)
GH2 growth hormone 2
GLRB glycine receptor, beta
GLYAT glycine-N-acyltransferase
GPR107 G protein-coupled receptor 107
GPR137 G protein-coupled receptor 137
GPR143 G protein-coupled receptor 143
GPR20 G protein-coupled receptor 20
GRID2 glutamate receptor, ionotropic, delta 2
GSTA4 glutathione S-transferase alpha 4
GSTT2 glutathione S-transferase theta 2 (gene/pseudogene)
GUCA1A guanylate cyclase activator 1A (retina)
HACD1 3-hydroxyacyl-CoA dehydratase 1
HAUS2 HAUS augmin-like complex, subunit 2
HHLA3 HERV-H LTR-associating 3
HMGCR 3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl-CoA reductase
HMHB1 histocompatibility (minor) HB-1
HSD17B2 hydroxysteroid (17-beta) dehydrogenase 2
HSPA1A heat shock 70kDa protein 1A
HSPA4L heat shock 70kDa protein 4-like
HSPB1 heat shock 27kDa protein 1
HSPH1 heat shock 105kDa/110kDa protein 1
IFIH1 interferon induced with helicase C domain 1
IFT140 intraflagellar transport 140
INTS9 integrator complex subunit 9
IQCH IQ motif containing H
IRAK4 interleukin-1 receptor-associated kinase 4
ITM2A integral membrane protein 2A
JPH3 junctophilin 3
KCNG1 potassium channel, voltage gated modifier subfamily G, member 1
KCNK10 potassium channel, two pore domain subfamily K, member 10
KCNK7 potassium channel, two pore domain subfamily K, member 7
KDM1A lysine (K)-specific demethylase 1A
KDM5D lysine (K)-specific demethylase 5D
KIAA0895 KIAA0895
LILRA4 leukocyte immunoglobulin-like receptor, subfamily A (with TM domain), member 4
LMAN2L lectin, mannose-binding 2-like
LOC157562 uncharacterized LOC157562
LRRC19 leucine rich repeat containing 19
MAGEA11 melanoma antigen family A11
MAGOHB mago-nashi homolog B (Drosophila)
MAN1B1 mannosidase, alpha, class 1B, member 1
MAN1C1 mannosidase, alpha, class 1C, member 1
MAP1A microtubule-associated protein 1A
MCM3AP minichromosome maintenance complex component 3 associated protein
MEFV Mediterranean fever
MKNK1 MAP kinase interacting serine/threonine kinase 1
MKS1 Meckel syndrome, type 1
MUM1 melanoma associated antigen (mutated) 1
MVD mevalonate (diphospho) decarboxylase
MYH7B myosin, heavy chain 7B, cardiac muscle, beta
MYRIP myosin VIIA and Rab interacting protein
NAT2 N-acetyltransferase 2 (arylamine N-acetyltransferase)
NCKIPSD NCK interacting protein with SH3 domain
NEFM neurofilament, medium polypeptide
NPL N-acetylneuraminate pyruvate lyase (dihydrodipicolinate synthase)
NRAP nebulin-related anchoring protein
NRTN neurturin
NT5E 5'-nucleotidase, ecto (CD73)
OR12D2 olfactory receptor, family 12, subfamily D, member 2 (gene/pseudogene)
PARP11 poly (ADP-ribose) polymerase family, member 11
PCDHB8 protocadherin beta 8
PCDHGA8 protocadherin gamma subfamily A, 8
PDE3B phosphodiesterase 3B, cGMP-inhibited
PDE4DIP phosphodiesterase 4D interacting protein
PDZRN3 PDZ domain containing ring finger 3
PEX6 peroxisomal biogenesis factor 6
PGGT1B protein geranylgeranyltransferase type I, beta subunit
PHF1 PHD finger protein 1
PIGN phosphatidylinositol glycan anchor biosynthesis, class N
PILRB paired immunoglobin-like type 2 receptor beta
POF1B premature ovarian failure, 1B
PPID peptidylprolyl isomerase D
PPIEL peptidylprolyl isomerase E-like pseudogene
PPIP5K1 diphosphoinositol pentakisphosphate kinase 1
PPP2R2D protein phosphatase 2, regulatory subunit B, delta
PRAMEF12 PRAME family member 12
PRDX1 peroxiredoxin 1
PREPL prolyl endopeptidase-like
PRG4 proteoglycan 4
PRSS3 protease, serine, 3
PTK2B protein tyrosine kinase 2 beta
PTPN13 protein tyrosine phosphatase, non-receptor type 13 (APO-1/CD95 (Fas)-associated phosphatase)
RAB23 RAB23, member RAS oncogene family
RAB38 RAB38, member RAS oncogene family
RASSF9 Ras association (RalGDS/AF-6) domain family (N-terminal) member 9
RBM10 RNA binding motif protein 10
RBMX RNA binding motif protein, X-linked
REXO2 RNA exonuclease 2
RNF144A ring finger protein 144A
ROBO4 roundabout, axon guidance receptor, homolog 4 (Drosophila)
RPL15 ribosomal protein L15
RPL23AP7 ribosomal protein L23a pseudogene 7
RPL26 ribosomal protein L26
RTN4 reticulon 4
RTP4 receptor (chemosensory) transporter protein 4
RUNDC3B RUN domain containing 3B
S100B S100 calcium binding protein B
SART3 squamous cell carcinoma antigen recognized by T cells 3
SBNO1 strawberry notch homolog 1 (Drosophila)
SCARA3 scavenger receptor class A, member 3
SCFD1 sec1 family domain containing 1
SEC14L4 SEC14-like 4 (S. cerevisiae)
SEMG2 semenogelin II
SERPINB10 serpin peptidase inhibitor, clade B (ovalbumin), member 10
SERPINB2 serpin peptidase inhibitor, clade B (ovalbumin), member 2
SERPINB4 serpin peptidase inhibitor, clade B (ovalbumin), member 4
SERPINH1 serpin peptidase inhibitor, clade H (heat shock protein 47), member 1, (collagen binding protein 1)
SFSWAP splicing factor, suppressor of white-apricot family
SHOX short stature homeobox
SIX1 SIX homeobox 1
SLC1A3 solute carrier family 1 (glial high affinity glutamate transporter), member 3
SLC25A4 solute carrier family 25 (mitochondrial carrier; adenine nucleotide translocator), member 4
SLC5A12 solute carrier family 5 (sodium/monocarboxylate cotransporter), member 12
SLC9A7 solute carrier family 9, subfamily A (NHE7, cation proton antiporter 7), member 7
SLCO4A1 solute carrier organic anion transporter family, member 4A1
SLITRK5 SLIT and NTRK-like family, member 5
SNRPF small nuclear ribonucleoprotein polypeptide F
SP100 SP100 nuclear antigen
ST8SIA5 ST8 alpha-N-acetyl-neuraminide alpha-2,8-sialyltransferase 5
STT3A STT3A, subunit of the oligosaccharyltransferase complex (catalytic)
SUPT16H suppressor of Ty 16 homolog (S. cerevisiae)
SUPT3H suppressor of Ty 3 homolog (S. cerevisiae)
SUPT4H1 suppressor of Ty 4 homolog 1 (S. cerevisiae)
SYT12 synaptotagmin XII
TAF10 TAF10 RNA polymerase II, TATA box binding protein (TBP)-associated factor, 30kDa
TBP TATA box binding protein
TCF21 transcription factor 21
TFAP2A transcription factor AP-2 alpha (activating enhancer binding protein 2 alpha)
THAP1 THAP domain containing, apoptosis associated protein 1
THNSL1 threonine synthase-like 1 (S. cerevisiae)
TIPRL TOR signaling pathway regulator
TKT transketolase
TM7SF3 transmembrane 7 superfamily member 3
TMEM140 transmembrane protein 140
TMEM151B transmembrane protein 151B
TMSB15A thymosin beta 15a
TNFRSF11A tumor necrosis factor receptor superfamily, member 11a, NFKB activator
TNPO3 transportin 3
TOX3 TOX high mobility group box family member 3
TRIM58 tripartite motif containing 58
TSPAN9 tetraspanin 9
TSPYL5 TSPY-like 5
TTC17 tetratricopeptide repeat domain 17
TULP1 tubby like protein 1
VASH2 vasohibin 2
VIP vasoactive intestinal peptide
VNN1 vanin 1
WDR33 WD repeat domain 33
WFDC2 WAP four-disulfide core domain 2
XAF1 XIAP associated factor 1
XYLT1 xylosyltransferase I
ZFP2 ZFP2 zinc finger protein
ZNF177 zinc finger protein 177
ZNF214 zinc finger protein 214
ZNF266 zinc finger protein 266
ZNF331 zinc finger protein 331
ZNF334 zinc finger protein 334
ZNF423 zinc finger protein 423
ZNF426 zinc finger protein 426
ZNF692 zinc finger protein 692
ZNF768 zinc finger protein 768

decreased expression

Symbol Name
ACPP acid phosphatase, prostate
ADD2 adducin 2 (beta)
ADORA2B adenosine A2b receptor
AKR1C3 aldo-keto reductase family 1, member C3
ALDH1A1 aldehyde dehydrogenase 1 family, member A1
AMPD1 adenosine monophosphate deaminase 1
ANKRD17 ankyrin repeat domain 17
ANXA2P3 annexin A2 pseudogene 3
APH1B APH1B gamma secretase subunit
APITD1 apoptosis-inducing, TAF9-like domain 1
ARHGEF12 Rho guanine nucleotide exchange factor (GEF) 12
ASPHD1 aspartate beta-hydroxylase domain containing 1
ATRX alpha thalassemia/mental retardation syndrome X-linked
ATXN7L1 ataxin 7-like 1
B3GALT4 UDP-Gal:betaGlcNAc beta 1,3-galactosyltransferase, polypeptide 4
BCAR3 breast cancer anti-estrogen resistance 3
BCKDK branched chain ketoacid dehydrogenase kinase
CALY calcyon neuron-specific vesicular protein
CBLC Cbl proto-oncogene C, E3 ubiquitin protein ligase
CBR3 carbonyl reductase 3
CBS cystathionine-beta-synthase
CCDC144A coiled-coil domain containing 144A
CCDC69 coiled-coil domain containing 69
CCL2 chemokine (C-C motif) ligand 2
CD14 CD14 molecule
CD226 CD226 molecule
CD69 CD69 molecule
CD72 CD72 molecule
CDR1 cerebellar degeneration-related protein 1, 34kDa
CEP295 centrosomal protein 295kDa
CIRBP cold inducible RNA binding protein
CLEC5A C-type lectin domain family 5, member A
CLEC7A C-type lectin domain family 7, member A
CNGA1 cyclic nucleotide gated channel alpha 1
CNTNAP3B contactin associated protein-like 3B
COL6A3 collagen, type VI, alpha 3
COL8A2 collagen, type VIII, alpha 2
COMMD4 COMM domain containing 4
CPB2 carboxypeptidase B2 (plasma)
CRAT carnitine O-acetyltransferase
CSDE1 cold shock domain containing E1, RNA-binding
CSH2 chorionic somatomammotropin hormone 2
CTNNBIP1 catenin, beta interacting protein 1
CTNND2 catenin (cadherin-associated protein), delta 2
CTSW cathepsin W
CYLC1 cylicin, basic protein of sperm head cytoskeleton 1
CYP3A4 cytochrome P450, family 3, subfamily A, polypeptide 4
CYTIP cytohesin 1 interacting protein
DGCR6L DiGeorge syndrome critical region gene 6-like
DGKI diacylglycerol kinase, iota
DHRS2 dehydrogenase/reductase (SDR family) member 2
DOCK2 dedicator of cytokinesis 2
DOK3 docking protein 3
DRG1 developmentally regulated GTP binding protein 1
EPM2AIP1 EPM2A (laforin) interacting protein 1
EPN1 epsin 1
EYA1 EYA transcriptional coactivator and phosphatase 1
FAM131B family with sequence similarity 131, member B
FBXL8 F-box and leucine-rich repeat protein 8
FBXO38 F-box protein 38
FDXR ferredoxin reductase
FGF3 fibroblast growth factor 3
FGFBP1 fibroblast growth factor binding protein 1
GCM1 glial cells missing homolog 1 (Drosophila)
GLI2 GLI family zinc finger 2
GLUD2 glutamate dehydrogenase 2
GOLGA8A golgin A8 family, member A
GPR183 G protein-coupled receptor 183
GPR4 G protein-coupled receptor 4
GREB1L growth regulation by estrogen in breast cancer-like
GSTM4 glutathione S-transferase mu 4
HERC3 HECT and RLD domain containing E3 ubiquitin protein ligase 3
HIST1H2AM histone cluster 1, H2am
HIST1H2BH histone cluster 1, H2bh
HMGB3P1 high mobility group box 3 pseudogene 1
ICA1 islet cell autoantigen 1, 69kDa
ICK intestinal cell (MAK-like) kinase
IFT52 intraflagellar transport 52
IL20RA interleukin 20 receptor, alpha
INPP1 inositol polyphosphate-1-phosphatase
IQCE IQ motif containing E
ITGA1 integrin, alpha 1
ITIH4 inter-alpha-trypsin inhibitor heavy chain family, member 4
KCNQ1 potassium channel, voltage gated KQT-like subfamily Q, member 1
KCNV1 potassium channel, voltage gated modifier subfamily V, member 1
KDELR1 KDEL (Lys-Asp-Glu-Leu) endoplasmic reticulum protein retention receptor 1
KIF15 kinesin family member 15
KLHL7 kelch-like family member 7
KLRAP1 killer cell lectin-like receptor subfamily A pseudogene 1
KPNA4 karyopherin alpha 4 (importin alpha 3)
KRT85 keratin 85, type II
LDHAL6B lactate dehydrogenase A-like 6B
LIMD2 LIM domain containing 2
LMNB2 lamin B2
LPA lipoprotein, Lp(a)
LPAR6 lysophosphatidic acid receptor 6
LSP1 lymphocyte-specific protein 1
MACROD1 MACRO domain containing 1
MAFB v-maf avian musculoaponeurotic fibrosarcoma oncogene homolog B
MAFF v-maf avian musculoaponeurotic fibrosarcoma oncogene homolog F
MAFK v-maf avian musculoaponeurotic fibrosarcoma oncogene homolog K
MAP3K14 mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase kinase 14
MAP4K2 mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase kinase kinase 2
MARCH2 membrane-associated ring finger (C3HC4) 2, E3 ubiquitin protein ligase
MCF2L2 MCF.2 cell line derived transforming sequence-like 2
MEAF6 MYST/Esa1-associated factor 6
MED24 mediator complex subunit 24
MEIS1 Meis homeobox 1
METTL3 methyltransferase like 3
MITF microphthalmia-associated transcription factor
MPPED2 metallophosphoesterase domain containing 2
MTMR9 myotubularin related protein 9
MYO5C myosin VC
NAA38 N(alpha)-acetyltransferase 38, NatC auxiliary subunit
NDRG2 NDRG family member 2
NEUROD2 neuronal differentiation 2
NEUROD6 neuronal differentiation 6
NIPA2 non imprinted in Prader-Willi/Angelman syndrome 2
NLGN4Y neuroligin 4, Y-linked
NLRP3 NLR family, pyrin domain containing 3
NLRX1 NLR family member X1
NUP98 nucleoporin 98kDa
OR52A1 olfactory receptor, family 52, subfamily A, member 1
OSBPL10 oxysterol binding protein-like 10
PCK1 phosphoenolpyruvate carboxykinase 1 (soluble)
PDE6D phosphodiesterase 6D, cGMP-specific, rod, delta
PDLIM2 PDZ and LIM domain 2 (mystique)
PDZD8 PDZ domain containing 8
PGF placental growth factor
PHF20 PHD finger protein 20
PLA2G2F phospholipase A2, group IIF
PLBD1 phospholipase B domain containing 1
PLEC plectin
PLEKHG6 pleckstrin homology domain containing, family G (with RhoGef domain) member 6
PLK2 polo-like kinase 2
POU4F3 POU class 4 homeobox 3
PPP2R2A protein phosphatase 2, regulatory subunit B, alpha
PRG2 proteoglycan 2, bone marrow (natural killer cell activator, eosinophil granule major basic protein)
PSG3 pregnancy specific beta-1-glycoprotein 3
PSMD11 proteasome (prosome, macropain) 26S subunit, non-ATPase, 11
PTDSS1 phosphatidylserine synthase 1
PYGB phosphorylase, glycogen; brain
RAB11FIP1 RAB11 family interacting protein 1 (class I)
RAP1GAP2 RAP1 GTPase activating protein 2
RENBP renin binding protein
RGS20 regulator of G-protein signaling 20
RHBDF1 rhomboid 5 homolog 1 (Drosophila)
RIPK4 receptor-interacting serine-threonine kinase 4
RNF24 ring finger protein 24
RPL23 ribosomal protein L23
RPS2P45 ribosomal protein S2 pseudogene 45
RPUSD2 RNA pseudouridylate synthase domain containing 2
SEMA6C sema domain, transmembrane domain (TM), and cytoplasmic domain, (semaphorin) 6C
SEPP1 selenoprotein P, plasma, 1
SERPINA4 serpin peptidase inhibitor, clade A (alpha-1 antiproteinase, antitrypsin), member 4
SF3B2 splicing factor 3b, subunit 2, 145kDa
SGK1 serum/glucocorticoid regulated kinase 1
SIT1 signaling threshold regulating transmembrane adaptor 1
SLC13A4 solute carrier family 13 (sodium/sulfate symporter), member 4
SLC15A3 solute carrier family 15 (oligopeptide transporter), member 3
SLC16A8 solute carrier family 16 (monocarboxylate transporter), member 8
SLC35D2 solute carrier family 35 (UDP-GlcNAc/UDP-glucose transporter), member D2
SNRPA1 small nuclear ribonucleoprotein polypeptide A'
SNX10 sorting nexin 10
SPATA2L spermatogenesis associated 2-like
SPTAN1 spectrin, alpha, non-erythrocytic 1
SSR2 signal sequence receptor, beta (translocon-associated protein beta)
STAG3L1 stromal antigen 3-like 1 (pseudogene)
STIL SCL/TAL1 interrupting locus
SYF2 SYF2 pre-mRNA-splicing factor
SYNCRIP synaptotagmin binding, cytoplasmic RNA interacting protein
SYNPO2L synaptopodin 2-like
TCEAL1 transcription elongation factor A (SII)-like 1
TCF7 transcription factor 7 (T-cell specific, HMG-box)
TMEM134 transmembrane protein 134
TMEM222 transmembrane protein 222
TMSB4Y thymosin beta 4, Y-linked
TNP1 transition protein 1 (during histone to protamine replacement)
TRAF3 TNF receptor-associated factor 3
TRIB1 tribbles pseudokinase 1
TRPM3 transient receptor potential cation channel, subfamily M, member 3
TRPV4 transient receptor potential cation channel, subfamily V, member 4
TSFM Ts translation elongation factor, mitochondrial
TSKU tsukushi, small leucine rich proteoglycan
TUBB tubulin, beta class I
UGGT2 UDP-glucose glycoprotein glucosyltransferase 2
UPK2 uroplakin 2
VPS54 vacuolar protein sorting 54 homolog (S. cerevisiae)
WBP4 WW domain binding protein 4
WLS wntless Wnt ligand secretion mediator
YKT6 YKT6 v-SNARE homolog (S. cerevisiae)
ZC3HAV1 zinc finger CCCH-type, antiviral 1
ZCCHC24 zinc finger, CCHC domain containing 24
ZMYM1 zinc finger, MYM-type 1
ZMYND11 zinc finger, MYND-type containing 11
ZNF254 zinc finger protein 254
ZNF432 zinc finger protein 432
ZNF614 zinc finger protein 614
ZNF669 zinc finger protein 669