TNKS_INHIBITION_GDS5029_281_human_SW480 KRAS-mutant colorectal cancer cell line - 16hours Gene Set

Dataset GEO Signatures of Differentially Expressed Genes for Gene Perturbations
Category transcriptomics
Type gene perturbation
Description gene perturbation identified as [gene symbol]_[perturbation]_[GEO accession]_[perturbation ID]_[organism]_[cell or tissue] (Gene Expression Omnibus)
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457 genes differentially expressed following the TNKS_INHIBITION_GDS5029_281_human_SW480 KRAS-mutant colorectal cancer cell line - 16hours gene perturbation from the GEO Signatures of Differentially Expressed Genes for Gene Perturbations dataset.

increased expression

Symbol Name
ABCF1 ATP-binding cassette, sub-family F (GCN20), member 1
ABLIM3 actin binding LIM protein family, member 3
ADAMTS14 ADAM metallopeptidase with thrombospondin type 1 motif, 14
AGXT2 alanine--glyoxylate aminotransferase 2
AK9 adenylate kinase 9
ALDH8A1 aldehyde dehydrogenase 8 family, member A1
ALDOAP2 aldolase A, fructose-bisphosphate pseudogene 2
ALMS1P Alstrom syndrome 1 pseudogene
ANKRD45 ankyrin repeat domain 45
ANKRD54 ankyrin repeat domain 54
APP amyloid beta (A4) precursor protein
ATP11A-AS1 ATP11A antisense RNA 1
ATXN10 ataxin 10
BFSP1 beaded filament structural protein 1, filensin
BPIFB6 BPI fold containing family B, member 6
BRCA2 breast cancer 2, early onset
BUB1B BUB1 mitotic checkpoint serine/threonine kinase B
C1QC complement component 1, q subcomponent, C chain
CALHM3 calcium homeostasis modulator 3
CCDC43 coiled-coil domain containing 43
CCNA1 cyclin A1
CDC14C cell division cycle 14C
CDHR5 cadherin-related family member 5
CHRM1 cholinergic receptor, muscarinic 1
CIAO1 cytosolic iron-sulfur assembly component 1
CNTN3 contactin 3 (plasmacytoma associated)
COPRS coordinator of PRMT5, differentiation stimulator
CPNE3 copine III
CYSLTR2 cysteinyl leukotriene receptor 2
DBNL drebrin-like
DCAF7 DDB1 and CUL4 associated factor 7
DHDDS dehydrodolichyl diphosphate synthase
DIRAS1 DIRAS family, GTP-binding RAS-like 1
DNAJC27-AS1 DNAJC27 antisense RNA 1
DPPA5 developmental pluripotency associated 5
DQX1 DEAQ box RNA-dependent ATPase 1
DUOXA2 dual oxidase maturation factor 2
EHBP1L1 EH domain binding protein 1-like 1
ENO2 enolase 2 (gamma, neuronal)
EP400NL EP400 N-terminal like
FAM47C family with sequence similarity 47, member C
FER1L6-AS1 FER1L6 antisense RNA 1
FTO fat mass and obesity associated
GLG1 golgi glycoprotein 1
GNAO1 guanine nucleotide binding protein (G protein), alpha activating activity polypeptide O
GOT1L1 glutamic-oxaloacetic transaminase 1-like 1
GPR37 G protein-coupled receptor 37 (endothelin receptor type B-like)
GRAP2 GRB2-related adaptor protein 2
GUCA1C guanylate cyclase activator 1C
GZMB granzyme B (granzyme 2, cytotoxic T-lymphocyte-associated serine esterase 1)
H2AFV H2A histone family, member V
HBBP1 hemoglobin, beta pseudogene 1
HECW1-IT1 HECW1 intronic transcript 1
HIST1H2AE histone cluster 1, H2ae
HIST1H2BC histone cluster 1, H2bc
HOXB9 homeobox B9
HSPA1A heat shock 70kDa protein 1A
IDH3B isocitrate dehydrogenase 3 (NAD+) beta
IL20 interleukin 20
IL32 interleukin 32
IL9 interleukin 9
INSC inscuteable homolog (Drosophila)
ITGA2 integrin, alpha 2 (CD49B, alpha 2 subunit of VLA-2 receptor)
KCNV2 potassium channel, voltage gated modifier subfamily V, member 2
KLF4 Kruppel-like factor 4 (gut)
KRT6A keratin 6A, type II
LCP1 lymphocyte cytosolic protein 1 (L-plastin)
LEFTY2 left-right determination factor 2
LEP leptin
LIMD2 LIM domain containing 2
LINC00403 long intergenic non-protein coding RNA 403
LINC00563 long intergenic non-protein coding RNA 563
LINC00592 long intergenic non-protein coding RNA 592
LINC00632 long intergenic non-protein coding RNA 632
LINC00643 long intergenic non-protein coding RNA 643
LINC00838 long intergenic non-protein coding RNA 838
LINC00844 long intergenic non-protein coding RNA 844
LINC01087 long intergenic non-protein coding RNA 1087
LINC01365 long intergenic non-protein coding RNA 1365
LMTK2 lemur tyrosine kinase 2
LOC100128727 uncharacterized LOC100128727
LOC100129648 uncharacterized LOC100129648
LOC100132025 transmembrane domain-containing protein ENSP00000320207-like
LOC100505716 uncharacterized LOC100505716
LOC100507281 uncharacterized LOC100507281
LOC101927292 uncharacterized LOC101927292
LOC101927616 uncharacterized LOC101927616
LOC101928283 uncharacterized LOC101928283
LOC101928894 uncharacterized LOC101928894
LOC101929486 uncharacterized LOC101929486
LOC101929631 uncharacterized LOC101929631
LOC101929662 uncharacterized LOC101929662
LOC148413 uncharacterized LOC148413
LOC284933 uncharacterized LOC284933
LOC285000 uncharacterized LOC285000
LOC286087 uncharacterized LOC286087
LOC340017 uncharacterized LOC340017
LOC400748 uncharacterized LOC400748
LOC440704 uncharacterized LOC440704
LTA lymphotoxin alpha
LYSMD2 LysM, putative peptidoglycan-binding, domain containing 2
MAPK14 mitogen-activated protein kinase 14
MATR3 matrin 3
MBD4 methyl-CpG binding domain protein 4
MED14 mediator complex subunit 14
METRNL meteorin, glial cell differentiation regulator-like
MGAT4D MGAT4 family, member D
MMP9 matrix metallopeptidase 9
MNAT1 MNAT CDK-activating kinase assembly factor 1
MRLN myoregulin
MSC musculin
MUC3A mucin 3A, cell surface associated
MUM1L1 melanoma associated antigen (mutated) 1-like 1
MYH1 myosin, heavy chain 1, skeletal muscle, adult
MZT2A mitotic spindle organizing protein 2A
NAB1 NGFI-A binding protein 1 (EGR1 binding protein 1)
NADK NAD kinase
NBAS neuroblastoma amplified sequence
NBAT1 neuroblastoma associated transcript 1
NCAPG2 non-SMC condensin II complex, subunit G2
NDUFB5 NADH dehydrogenase (ubiquinone) 1 beta subcomplex, 5, 16kDa
NIPBL Nipped-B homolog (Drosophila)
NLRP2 NLR family, pyrin domain containing 2
NPY1R neuropeptide Y receptor Y1
NTRK1 neurotrophic tyrosine kinase, receptor, type 1
NUBP1 nucleotide binding protein 1
OOSP2 oocyte secreted protein 2
OXLD1 oxidoreductase-like domain containing 1
PCYT2 phosphate cytidylyltransferase 2, ethanolamine
PDE1B phosphodiesterase 1B, calmodulin-dependent
PDS5A PDS5 cohesin associated factor A
PHF23 PHD finger protein 23
PI3 peptidase inhibitor 3, skin-derived
PIGT phosphatidylinositol glycan anchor biosynthesis, class T
PIP prolactin-induced protein
PLCD3 phospholipase C, delta 3
POLR1A polymerase (RNA) I polypeptide A, 194kDa
POTED POTE ankyrin domain family, member D
PPP1R14B protein phosphatase 1, regulatory (inhibitor) subunit 14B
PSMD4 proteasome (prosome, macropain) 26S subunit, non-ATPase, 4
PTCD2 pentatricopeptide repeat domain 2
RAB28 RAB28, member RAS oncogene family
RAB8A RAB8A, member RAS oncogene family
RABGAP1 RAB GTPase activating protein 1
RBFADN RBFA downstream neighbor (non-protein coding)
RBM22 RNA binding motif protein 22
RNF128 ring finger protein 128, E3 ubiquitin protein ligase
RNF207 ring finger protein 207
RPAP3 RNA polymerase II associated protein 3
RTF1 Rtf1, Paf1/RNA polymerase II complex component, homolog (S. cerevisiae)
SAFB2 scaffold attachment factor B2
SDHD succinate dehydrogenase complex, subunit D, integral membrane protein
SERPINB2 serpin peptidase inhibitor, clade B (ovalbumin), member 2
SH3GL2 SH3-domain GRB2-like 2
SLC23A1 solute carrier family 23 (ascorbic acid transporter), member 1
SLC25A26 solute carrier family 25 (S-adenosylmethionine carrier), member 26
SMTN smoothelin
SNX21 sorting nexin family member 21
SOAT1 sterol O-acyltransferase 1
SOHLH2 spermatogenesis and oogenesis specific basic helix-loop-helix 2
SP3P Sp3 transcription factor pseudogene
SPG20-AS1 SPG20 antisense RNA 1
SPRY4 sprouty homolog 4 (Drosophila)
STIP1 stress-induced phosphoprotein 1
SYT16 synaptotagmin XVI
SYTL5 synaptotagmin-like 5
TAF6 TAF6 RNA polymerase II, TATA box binding protein (TBP)-associated factor, 80kDa
TBR1 T-box, brain, 1
TIMM44 translocase of inner mitochondrial membrane 44 homolog (yeast)
TMEM200A transmembrane protein 200A
TNFRSF9 tumor necrosis factor receptor superfamily, member 9
TRABD TraB domain containing
TRAPPC5 trafficking protein particle complex 5
TRBV10-2 T cell receptor beta variable 10-2
TRBV7-8 T cell receptor beta variable 7-8
TRIM64EP tripartite motif containing 64E, pseudogene
TRIT1 tRNA isopentenyltransferase 1
TSPYL5 TSPY-like 5
TTC14 tetratricopeptide repeat domain 14
TTTY2 testis-specific transcript, Y-linked 2 (non-protein coding)
UBA3 ubiquitin-like modifier activating enzyme 3
UBE3D ubiquitin protein ligase E3D
UBN1 ubinuclein 1
WFDC13 WAP four-disulfide core domain 13
WFDC3 WAP four-disulfide core domain 3
XAF1 XIAP associated factor 1
XPO6 exportin 6
YY1AP1 YY1 associated protein 1
ZCCHC17 zinc finger, CCHC domain containing 17
ZCWPW2 zinc finger, CW type with PWWP domain 2
ZIC3 Zic family member 3
ZNF157 zinc finger protein 157
ZNF174 zinc finger protein 174
ZNF330 zinc finger protein 330
ZNF35 zinc finger protein 35
ZNF705G zinc finger protein 705G
ZNF720 zinc finger protein 720
ZNF764 zinc finger protein 764
ZP1 zona pellucida glycoprotein 1 (sperm receptor)

decreased expression

Symbol Name
ABHD13 abhydrolase domain containing 13
ADCK4 aarF domain containing kinase 4
ADH1C alcohol dehydrogenase 1C (class I), gamma polypeptide
AKAP5 A kinase (PRKA) anchor protein 5
AKT1 v-akt murine thymoma viral oncogene homolog 1
APOOL apolipoprotein O-like
AQP7 aquaporin 7
ARHGEF17 Rho guanine nucleotide exchange factor (GEF) 17
ATP2B1 ATPase, Ca++ transporting, plasma membrane 1
BCAR4 breast cancer anti-estrogen resistance 4 (non-protein coding)
BDH1 3-hydroxybutyrate dehydrogenase, type 1
BIN2 bridging integrator 2
BMP5 bone morphogenetic protein 5
BRMS1 breast cancer metastasis suppressor 1
BSN bassoon presynaptic cytomatrix protein
C1QTNF2 C1q and tumor necrosis factor related protein 2
C6ORF10 chromosome 6 open reading frame 10
CACNA1G-AS1 CACNA1G antisense RNA 1
CAD carbamoyl-phosphate synthetase 2, aspartate transcarbamylase, and dihydroorotase
CAMSAP2 calmodulin regulated spectrin-associated protein family, member 2
CASC11 cancer susceptibility candidate 11 (non-protein coding)
CBL Cbl proto-oncogene, E3 ubiquitin protein ligase
CBR1 carbonyl reductase 1
CCAR1 cell division cycle and apoptosis regulator 1
CCDC71 coiled-coil domain containing 71
CCL18 chemokine (C-C motif) ligand 18 (pulmonary and activation-regulated)
CDH12 cadherin 12, type 2 (N-cadherin 2)
CDKN2B-AS1 CDKN2B antisense RNA 1
CFH complement factor H
CISD3 CDGSH iron sulfur domain 3
CLIC5 chloride intracellular channel 5
CNIH4 cornichon family AMPA receptor auxiliary protein 4
CNTRL centriolin
COG7 component of oligomeric golgi complex 7
COL15A1 collagen, type XV, alpha 1
COLEC10 collectin sub-family member 10 (C-type lectin)
CPT1C carnitine palmitoyltransferase 1C
CPXM1 carboxypeptidase X (M14 family), member 1
CREB1 cAMP responsive element binding protein 1
CSNK1A1P1 casein kinase 1, alpha 1 pseudogene 1
CTNNBL1 catenin, beta like 1
CUX2 cut-like homeobox 2
CWF19L1 CWF19-like 1, cell cycle control (S. pombe)
CXADR coxsackie virus and adenovirus receptor
CYP2J2 cytochrome P450, family 2, subfamily J, polypeptide 2
CYP4X1 cytochrome P450, family 4, subfamily X, polypeptide 1
CYP8B1 cytochrome P450, family 8, subfamily B, polypeptide 1
DAAM2 dishevelled associated activator of morphogenesis 2
DDIT4L DNA-damage-inducible transcript 4-like
DENND2C DENN/MADD domain containing 2C
DLX4 distal-less homeobox 4
EARS2 glutamyl-tRNA synthetase 2, mitochondrial
ENHO energy homeostasis associated
ESYT2 extended synaptotagmin-like protein 2
FAHD1 fumarylacetoacetate hydrolase domain containing 1
FAM109A family with sequence similarity 109, member A
FAM167B family with sequence similarity 167, member B
FAM174B family with sequence similarity 174, member B
FAM192A family with sequence similarity 192, member A
FBXL17 F-box and leucine-rich repeat protein 17
FCAMR Fc receptor, IgA, IgM, high affinity
FCF1 FCF1 rRNA-processing protein
FGF14-IT1 FGF14 intronic transcript 1
FLG filaggrin
FLJ13773 uncharacterized LOC246318
FRY furry homolog (Drosophila)
FUBP1 far upstream element (FUSE) binding protein 1
GALNT8 polypeptide N-acetylgalactosaminyltransferase 8
GCLM glutamate-cysteine ligase, modifier subunit
GGT6 gamma-glutamyltransferase 6
GLRA3 glycine receptor, alpha 3
GLTPD2 glycolipid transfer protein domain containing 2
GMIP GEM interacting protein
GPC5 glypican 5
GPR52 G protein-coupled receptor 52
GSPT2 G1 to S phase transition 2
GSTA1 glutathione S-transferase alpha 1
GTF2E2 general transcription factor IIE, polypeptide 2, beta 34kDa
HCRTR1 hypocretin (orexin) receptor 1
HIST1H3C histone cluster 1, H3c
HNRNPH3 heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein H3 (2H9)
HSPB2 heat shock 27kDa protein 2
HYAL1 hyaluronoglucosaminidase 1
IFIT1 interferon-induced protein with tetratricopeptide repeats 1
IL12RB2 interleukin 12 receptor, beta 2
IL3 interleukin 3
IRAK1 interleukin-1 receptor-associated kinase 1
JPH1 junctophilin 1
KCMF1 potassium channel modulatory factor 1
KCNA5 potassium channel, voltage gated shaker related subfamily A, member 5
KCNJ1 potassium channel, inwardly rectifying subfamily J, member 1
KCNJ13 potassium channel, inwardly rectifying subfamily J, member 13
KHDC1L KH homology domain containing 1-like
KIAA1210 KIAA1210
KLHDC10 kelch domain containing 10
KRT9 keratin 9, type I
KRTAP4-1 keratin associated protein 4-1
LCE1B late cornified envelope 1B
LINC00445 long intergenic non-protein coding RNA 445
LINC00487 long intergenic non-protein coding RNA 487
LINC00514 long intergenic non-protein coding RNA 514
LINC00710 long intergenic non-protein coding RNA 710
LINC00879 long intergenic non-protein coding RNA 879
LINC01144 long intergenic non-protein coding RNA 1144
LINC01214 long intergenic non-protein coding RNA 1214
LINC01342 long intergenic non-protein coding RNA 1342
LOC100131180 uncharacterized LOC100131180
LOC100132735 uncharacterized LOC100132735
LOC100288798 uncharacterized LOC100288798
LOC101926960 uncharacterized LOC101926960
LOC101927043 uncharacterized LOC101927043
LOC101927450 uncharacterized LOC101927450
LOC101929718 uncharacterized LOC101929718
LOC284930 uncharacterized LOC284930
LOC286370 uncharacterized LOC286370
LOC401220 uncharacterized LOC401220
LOC440602 uncharacterized LOC440602
LOC613266 uncharacterized LOC613266
LOC728073 uncharacterized LOC728073
LOXL4 lysyl oxidase-like 4
LRRC41 leucine rich repeat containing 41
LRRIQ1 leucine-rich repeats and IQ motif containing 1
LZTS1-AS1 LZTS1 antisense RNA 1
MAGEA12 melanoma antigen family A12
MAGEA3 melanoma antigen family A3
MAGEC3 melanoma antigen family C3
MCF2L2 MCF.2 cell line derived transforming sequence-like 2
MDH2 malate dehydrogenase 2, NAD (mitochondrial)
METTL6 methyltransferase like 6
MGAT5B mannosyl (alpha-1,6-)-glycoprotein beta-1,6-N-acetyl-glucosaminyltransferase, isozyme B
MGC15885 uncharacterized protein MGC15885
MGC2889 uncharacterized protein MGC2889
MLXIPL MLX interacting protein-like
MRPS28 mitochondrial ribosomal protein S28
MSTO1 misato 1, mitochondrial distribution and morphology regulator
MUSTN1 musculoskeletal, embryonic nuclear protein 1
MYBPC1 myosin binding protein C, slow type
NANS N-acetylneuraminic acid synthase
NAPG N-ethylmaleimide-sensitive factor attachment protein, gamma
NARS asparaginyl-tRNA synthetase
NCAM2 neural cell adhesion molecule 2
NDUFV2 NADH dehydrogenase (ubiquinone) flavoprotein 2, 24kDa
NRBF2 nuclear receptor binding factor 2
NRD1 nardilysin (N-arginine dibasic convertase)
NTN4 netrin 4
NUDCD1 NudC domain containing 1
NUP210L nucleoporin 210kDa-like
NXNL1 nucleoredoxin-like 1
OLFM4 olfactomedin 4
OTX2 orthodenticle homeobox 2
PAPD5 PAP associated domain containing 5
PARP16 poly (ADP-ribose) polymerase family, member 16
PCBP1-AS1 PCBP1 antisense RNA 1
PCDHAC2 protocadherin alpha subfamily C, 2
PEG3-AS1 PEG3 antisense RNA 1
PIK3CA phosphatidylinositol-4,5-bisphosphate 3-kinase, catalytic subunit alpha
PIM3 Pim-3 proto-oncogene, serine/threonine kinase
PLA2G4A phospholipase A2, group IVA (cytosolic, calcium-dependent)
PLA2G4F phospholipase A2, group IVF
PLAC8 placenta-specific 8
PLEKHA5 pleckstrin homology domain containing, family A member 5
PLOD1 procollagen-lysine, 2-oxoglutarate 5-dioxygenase 1
PON3 paraoxonase 3
PPP1R1B protein phosphatase 1, regulatory (inhibitor) subunit 1B
PRODH proline dehydrogenase (oxidase) 1
PSG6 pregnancy specific beta-1-glycoprotein 6
PSG7 pregnancy specific beta-1-glycoprotein 7 (gene/pseudogene)
PSMA3 proteasome (prosome, macropain) subunit, alpha type, 3
PTCH2 patched 2
PTPN14 protein tyrosine phosphatase, non-receptor type 14
PYGL phosphorylase, glycogen, liver
RABEP1 rabaptin, RAB GTPase binding effector protein 1
RAD21L1 RAD21-like 1 (S. pombe)
RCHY1 ring finger and CHY zinc finger domain containing 1, E3 ubiquitin protein ligase
RCSD1 RCSD domain containing 1
RDH12 retinol dehydrogenase 12 (all-trans/9-cis/11-cis)
RNASE4 ribonuclease, RNase A family, 4
RPL10L ribosomal protein L10-like
RPRML reprimo-like
RSPO3 R-spondin 3
RYK receptor-like tyrosine kinase
S100G S100 calcium binding protein G
SCAF8 SR-related CTD-associated factor 8
SCYL3 SCY1-like 3 (S. cerevisiae)
SEMA3E sema domain, immunoglobulin domain (Ig), short basic domain, secreted, (semaphorin) 3E
SERP1 stress-associated endoplasmic reticulum protein 1
SERPINA7 serpin peptidase inhibitor, clade A (alpha-1 antiproteinase, antitrypsin), member 7
SGOL2 shugoshin-like 2 (S. pombe)
SIAH3 siah E3 ubiquitin protein ligase family member 3
SIGLEC6 sialic acid binding Ig-like lectin 6
SIRPA signal-regulatory protein alpha
SLC10A4 solute carrier family 10, member 4
SLC17A3 solute carrier family 17 (organic anion transporter), member 3
SLC25A6 solute carrier family 25 (mitochondrial carrier; adenine nucleotide translocator), member 6
SLC30A9 solute carrier family 30 (zinc transporter), member 9
SLC35E2 solute carrier family 35, member E2
SLC6A9 solute carrier family 6 (neurotransmitter transporter, glycine), member 9
SLC9A6 solute carrier family 9, subfamily A (NHE6, cation proton antiporter 6), member 6
SMEK3P SMEK homolog 3, suppressor of mek1 (Dictyostelium) pseudogene
SMURF1 SMAD specific E3 ubiquitin protein ligase 1
SNAI3 snail family zinc finger 3
SNHG6 small nucleolar RNA host gene 6
SOX30 SRY (sex determining region Y)-box 30
SPHKAP SPHK1 interactor, AKAP domain containing
SPOCK1 sparc/osteonectin, cwcv and kazal-like domains proteoglycan (testican) 1
SREBF1 sterol regulatory element binding transcription factor 1
ST7-OT4 ST7 overlapping transcript 4
STAT1 signal transducer and activator of transcription 1, 91kDa
STPG2 sperm-tail PG-rich repeat containing 2
SUCNR1 succinate receptor 1
SUN1 Sad1 and UNC84 domain containing 1
SYNPR synaptoporin
SYT14 synaptotagmin XIV
TAS2R1 taste receptor, type 2, member 1
TEX14 testis expressed 14
TFB1M transcription factor B1, mitochondrial
TLL1 tolloid-like 1
TNFRSF17 tumor necrosis factor receptor superfamily, member 17
TPH2 tryptophan hydroxylase 2
TREML1 triggering receptor expressed on myeloid cells-like 1
TRIM56 tripartite motif containing 56
TSPAN2 tetraspanin 2
TTC6 tetratricopeptide repeat domain 6
TYRO3 TYRO3 protein tyrosine kinase
UBE2G2 ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme E2G 2
UBTD1 ubiquitin domain containing 1
UGT1A UDP glucuronosyltransferase 1 family, polypeptide A complex locus
UIMC1 ubiquitin interaction motif containing 1
ULK4 unc-51 like kinase 4
UPF3B UPF3 regulator of nonsense transcripts homolog B (yeast)
UQCRB ubiquinol-cytochrome c reductase binding protein
USP14 ubiquitin specific peptidase 14 (tRNA-guanine transglycosylase)
USP34 ubiquitin specific peptidase 34
UVSSA UV-stimulated scaffold protein A
VPS26A vacuolar protein sorting 26 homolog A (S. pombe)
WBP11 WW domain binding protein 11
WDR86 WD repeat domain 86
WDR93 WD repeat domain 93
WFDC1 WAP four-disulfide core domain 1
WHAMMP2 WAS protein homolog associated with actin, golgi membranes and microtubules pseudogene 2
WHSC1 Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome candidate 1
WRN Werner syndrome, RecQ helicase-like
XGY2 Xg pseudogene, Y-linked 2
ZBTB12 zinc finger and BTB domain containing 12
ZDHHC9 zinc finger, DHHC-type containing 9
ZFP2 ZFP2 zinc finger protein
ZNF260 zinc finger protein 260
ZNF355P zinc finger protein 355, pseudogene
ZNF521 zinc finger protein 521
ZNF597 zinc finger protein 597
ZNF788 zinc finger family member 788
ZNF816 zinc finger protein 816
ZNRF3 zinc and ring finger 3