abnormal circulating total protein level Gene Set

Dataset MPO Gene-Phenotype Associations
Category disease or phenotype associations
Type phenotype
Description total serum protein concentration is outside the normal range (Mammalian Phenotype Ontology, MP_0011888)
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50 gene mutations causing the abnormal circulating total protein level phenotype in transgenic mice from the MPO Gene-Phenotype Associations dataset.

Symbol Name
ACSBG2 acyl-CoA synthetase bubblegum family member 2
ADA adenosine deaminase
AKAP9 A kinase (PRKA) anchor protein 9
ARID4A AT rich interactive domain 4A (RBP1-like)
ARPC2 actin related protein 2/3 complex, subunit 2, 34kDa
ARPC4 actin related protein 2/3 complex, subunit 4, 20kDa
ATP5A1 ATP synthase, H+ transporting, mitochondrial F1 complex, alpha subunit 1, cardiac muscle
BAG3 BCL2-associated athanogene 3
CENPJ centromere protein J
CHD7 chromodomain helicase DNA binding protein 7
CLK1 CDC-like kinase 1
COL4A5 collagen, type IV, alpha 5
CRH corticotropin releasing hormone
CYB561 cytochrome b561
DBN1 drebrin 1
DFNB31 deafness, autosomal recessive 31
DLL1 delta-like 1 (Drosophila)
ELK4 ELK4, ETS-domain protein (SRF accessory protein 1)
ELMOD1 ELMO/CED-12 domain containing 1
FAM73B family with sequence similarity 73, member B
FAS Fas cell surface death receptor
GRHL3 grainyhead-like 3 (Drosophila)
JAK1 Janus kinase 1
KCNJ9 potassium channel, inwardly rectifying subfamily J, member 9
KISS1R KISS1 receptor
KPTN kaptin (actin binding protein)
LAMB2 laminin, beta 2 (laminin S)
MAP2K2 mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase 2
MECOM MDS1 and EVI1 complex locus
MGAT2 mannosyl (alpha-1,6-)-glycoprotein beta-1,2-N-acetylglucosaminyltransferase
NEU1 sialidase 1 (lysosomal sialidase)
PARVB parvin, beta
PLVAP plasmalemma vesicle associated protein
RAB5C RAB5C, member RAS oncogene family
RELB v-rel avian reticuloendotheliosis viral oncogene homolog B
RSAD1 radical S-adenosyl methionine domain containing 1
SIRT4 sirtuin 4
SLC12A1 solute carrier family 12 (sodium/potassium/chloride transporter), member 1
SLC38A10 solute carrier family 38, member 10
SLCO1B3 solute carrier organic anion transporter family, member 1B3
STK32A serine/threonine kinase 32A
TBC1D2B TBC1 domain family, member 2B
TFF1 trefoil factor 1
TM9SF4 transmembrane 9 superfamily protein member 4
TNS2 tensin 2
UBR1 ubiquitin protein ligase E3 component n-recognin 1
USP24 ubiquitin specific peptidase 24
USP3 ubiquitin specific peptidase 3
WWOX WW domain containing oxidoreductase
ZMPSTE24 zinc metallopeptidase STE24