acylglycerol acyl-chain remodeling Gene Set

Dataset GO Biological Process Annotations
Category structural or functional annotations
Type biological process
Description Remodeling the acyl chains of an acylglycerol, through sequential deacylation and re-acylation reactions, to generate an acylglycerol containing different types of fatty acid acyl chains. (Gene Ontology, GO_0036155)
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5 genes participating in the acylglycerol acyl-chain remodeling biological process from the curated GO Biological Process Annotations dataset.

Symbol Name
DGAT1 diacylglycerol O-acyltransferase 1
DGAT2 diacylglycerol O-acyltransferase 2
MGLL monoglyceride lipase
PNPLA2 patatin-like phospholipase domain containing 2
PNPLA3 patatin-like phospholipase domain containing 3