ascorbic acid-1610 Gene Set

Dataset CMAP Signatures of Differentially Expressed Genes for Small Molecules
Category transcriptomics
Type small molecule perturbation
Description small molecule perturbation identified as [small molecule name]-[perturbation ID] (ChIP-X Enrichment Analysis)
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198 genes differentially expressed following the ascorbic acid-1610 small molecule perturbation from the CMAP Signatures of Differentially Expressed Genes for Small Molecules dataset.

increased expression

Symbol Name
ABI2 abl-interactor 2
ADAM10 ADAM metallopeptidase domain 10
ALAD aminolevulinate dehydratase
ARNTL aryl hydrocarbon receptor nuclear translocator-like
ASB8 ankyrin repeat and SOCS box containing 8
ATF7IP2 activating transcription factor 7 interacting protein 2
ATG4A autophagy related 4A, cysteine peptidase
BCAN brevican
CALU calumenin
CANT1 calcium activated nucleotidase 1
CDK19 cyclin-dependent kinase 19
CFLAR CASP8 and FADD-like apoptosis regulator
CIZ1 CDKN1A interacting zinc finger protein 1
CLCN3 chloride channel, voltage-sensitive 3
CREB3 cAMP responsive element binding protein 3
CSF1 colony stimulating factor 1 (macrophage)
CYLD cylindromatosis (turban tumor syndrome)
CYP27B1 cytochrome P450, family 27, subfamily B, polypeptide 1
ELF4 E74-like factor 4 (ets domain transcription factor)
FAF2 Fas associated factor family member 2
FASTK Fas-activated serine/threonine kinase
FH fumarate hydratase
GIMAP5 GTPase, IMAP family member 5
GMEB1 glucocorticoid modulatory element binding protein 1
GOLM1 golgi membrane protein 1
GTF2I general transcription factor IIi
HDAC7 histone deacetylase 7
HIST1H2BE histone cluster 1, H2be
HLA-DMB major histocompatibility complex, class II, DM beta
HSPA5 heat shock 70kDa protein 5 (glucose-regulated protein, 78kDa)
HUS1 HUS1 checkpoint homolog (S. pombe)
IRF2BP1 interferon regulatory factor 2 binding protein 1
KIF23 kinesin family member 23
KLF10 Kruppel-like factor 10
KRI1 KRI1 homolog (S. cerevisiae)
MANF mesencephalic astrocyte-derived neurotrophic factor
MAP4 microtubule-associated protein 4
MED28 mediator complex subunit 28
MGEA5 meningioma expressed antigen 5 (hyaluronidase)
MOCOS molybdenum cofactor sulfurase
MORC2 MORC family CW-type zinc finger 2
MTFR1 mitochondrial fission regulator 1
MTRF1L mitochondrial translational release factor 1-like
MYL10 myosin, light chain 10, regulatory
NBR1 neighbor of BRCA1 gene 1
NDE1 nudE neurodevelopment protein 1
NDST1 N-deacetylase/N-sulfotransferase (heparan glucosaminyl) 1
NEDD4 neural precursor cell expressed, developmentally down-regulated 4, E3 ubiquitin protein ligase
NFKB2 nuclear factor of kappa light polypeptide gene enhancer in B-cells 2 (p49/p100)
NPEPPS aminopeptidase puromycin sensitive
NPPA natriuretic peptide A
NUDT4 nudix (nucleoside diphosphate linked moiety X)-type motif 4
NXPH3 neurexophilin 3
PDLIM5 PDZ and LIM domain 5
PICALM phosphatidylinositol binding clathrin assembly protein
PIGN phosphatidylinositol glycan anchor biosynthesis, class N
PIN4 peptidylprolyl cis/trans isomerase, NIMA-interacting 4
PIP4K2B phosphatidylinositol-5-phosphate 4-kinase, type II, beta
PLD1 phospholipase D1, phosphatidylcholine-specific
PLS1 plastin 1
POLG polymerase (DNA directed), gamma
POTEKP POTE ankyrin domain family, member K, pseudogene
PPP1R10 protein phosphatase 1, regulatory subunit 10
PRPF39 pre-mRNA processing factor 39
PRRC2C proline-rich coiled-coil 2C
PRUNE prune exopolyphosphatase
QKI QKI, KH domain containing, RNA binding
QTRT1 queuine tRNA-ribosyltransferase 1
RABL3 RAB, member of RAS oncogene family-like 3
RALB v-ral simian leukemia viral oncogene homolog B
RARS arginyl-tRNA synthetase
RASSF4 Ras association (RalGDS/AF-6) domain family member 4
RNF141 ring finger protein 141
RNGTT RNA guanylyltransferase and 5'-phosphatase
SEC31B SEC31 homolog B (S. cerevisiae)
SENP3 SUMO1/sentrin/SMT3 specific peptidase 3
SLC37A4 solute carrier family 37 (glucose-6-phosphate transporter), member 4
SPG7 spastic paraplegia 7 (pure and complicated autosomal recessive)
SRD5A1 steroid-5-alpha-reductase, alpha polypeptide 1 (3-oxo-5 alpha-steroid delta 4-dehydrogenase alpha 1)
ST7 suppression of tumorigenicity 7
STAT1 signal transducer and activator of transcription 1, 91kDa
STRN3 striatin, calmodulin binding protein 3
SUGP1 SURP and G patch domain containing 1
SULT1A2 sulfotransferase family, cytosolic, 1A, phenol-preferring, member 2
TAF12 TAF12 RNA polymerase II, TATA box binding protein (TBP)-associated factor, 20kDa
TCF3 transcription factor 3
TEX30 testis expressed 30
TK2 thymidine kinase 2, mitochondrial
TMED2 transmembrane emp24 domain trafficking protein 2
TMEM259 transmembrane protein 259
TRAIP TRAF interacting protein
TRMT61A tRNA methyltransferase 61A
TTBK2 tau tubulin kinase 2
UBE2D1 ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme E2D 1
UGGT1 UDP-glucose glycoprotein glucosyltransferase 1
WDR44 WD repeat domain 44
YIPF2 Yip1 domain family, member 2
ZC3H13 zinc finger CCCH-type containing 13
ZMYM6 zinc finger, MYM-type 6

decreased expression

Symbol Name
AACS acetoacetyl-CoA synthetase
ACOT8 acyl-CoA thioesterase 8
ANAPC2 anaphase promoting complex subunit 2
ANKRD27 ankyrin repeat domain 27 (VPS9 domain)
ARAP3 ArfGAP with RhoGAP domain, ankyrin repeat and PH domain 3
ARHGAP15 Rho GTPase activating protein 15
ATAD2B ATPase family, AAA domain containing 2B
ATAD3A ATPase family, AAA domain containing 3A
ATP8B1 ATPase, aminophospholipid transporter, class I, type 8B, member 1
BCOR BCL6 corepressor
BCORL1 BCL6 corepressor-like 1
BIN2 bridging integrator 2
C19ORF24 chromosome 19 open reading frame 24
C19ORF40 chromosome 19 open reading frame 40
CARM1 coactivator-associated arginine methyltransferase 1
CCRN4L CCR4 carbon catabolite repression 4-like (S. cerevisiae)
CD38 CD38 molecule
CD82 CD82 molecule
CDK5 cyclin-dependent kinase 5
CDT1 chromatin licensing and DNA replication factor 1
CHRNA6 cholinergic receptor, nicotinic, alpha 6 (neuronal)
CLDN15 claudin 15
CPOX coproporphyrinogen oxidase
CRYL1 crystallin, lambda 1
DCP2 decapping mRNA 2
DNAJA4 DnaJ (Hsp40) homolog, subfamily A, member 4
DNAJB14 DnaJ (Hsp40) homolog, subfamily B, member 14
DPF3 D4, zinc and double PHD fingers, family 3
ECI1 enoyl-CoA delta isomerase 1
EDC4 enhancer of mRNA decapping 4
ERAL1 Era-like 12S mitochondrial rRNA chaperone 1
ERF Ets2 repressor factor
FABP5 fatty acid binding protein 5 (psoriasis-associated)
FTO fat mass and obesity associated
GBF1 golgi brefeldin A resistant guanine nucleotide exchange factor 1
GEMIN6 gem (nuclear organelle) associated protein 6
GPR27 G protein-coupled receptor 27
H1FX H1 histone family, member X
HAGH hydroxyacylglutathione hydrolase
HARS histidyl-tRNA synthetase
HINFP histone H4 transcription factor
INPP5E inositol polyphosphate-5-phosphatase, 72 kDa
KBTBD11 kelch repeat and BTB (POZ) domain containing 11
KCTD5 potassium channel tetramerization domain containing 5
KIFC1 kinesin family member C1
LIAS lipoic acid synthetase
LMAN2L lectin, mannose-binding 2-like
LRP5L low density lipoprotein receptor-related protein 5-like
LRRC42 leucine rich repeat containing 42
MAVS mitochondrial antiviral signaling protein
MBIP MAP3K12 binding inhibitory protein 1
MED24 mediator complex subunit 24
MFSD11 major facilitator superfamily domain containing 11
MGLL monoglyceride lipase
MID1IP1 MID1 interacting protein 1
MLPH melanophilin
MPP3 membrane protein, palmitoylated 3 (MAGUK p55 subfamily member 3)
MT1HL1 metallothionein 1H-like 1
NAGPA N-acetylglucosamine-1-phosphodiester alpha-N-acetylglucosaminidase
NEU1 sialidase 1 (lysosomal sialidase)
NUBP1 nucleotide binding protein 1
OGDH oxoglutarate (alpha-ketoglutarate) dehydrogenase (lipoamide)
PCNXL4 pecanex-like 4 (Drosophila)
PHF21A PHD finger protein 21A
PI4KA phosphatidylinositol 4-kinase, catalytic, alpha
PIN1 peptidylprolyl cis/trans isomerase, NIMA-interacting 1
PRRC1 proline-rich coiled-coil 1
PSKH1 protein serine kinase H1
RAB1B RAB1B, member RAS oncogene family
RAB4B RAB4B, member RAS oncogene family
RABGGTA Rab geranylgeranyltransferase, alpha subunit
RFWD3 ring finger and WD repeat domain 3
RGL1 ral guanine nucleotide dissociation stimulator-like 1
RPAP1 RNA polymerase II associated protein 1
RPP38 ribonuclease P/MRP 38kDa subunit
SDHAF3 succinate dehydrogenase complex assembly factor 3
SETD1B SET domain containing 1B
SLC25A15 solute carrier family 25 (mitochondrial carrier; ornithine transporter) member 15
SLC39A4 solute carrier family 39 (zinc transporter), member 4
SLC39A7 solute carrier family 39 (zinc transporter), member 7
SREBF1 sterol regulatory element binding transcription factor 1
TAF15 TAF15 RNA polymerase II, TATA box binding protein (TBP)-associated factor, 68kDa
TCTA T-cell leukemia translocation altered
THAP7 THAP domain containing 7
THBS4 thrombospondin 4
THG1L tRNA-histidine guanylyltransferase 1-like (S. cerevisiae)
TJP2 tight junction protein 2
TOE1 target of EGR1, member 1 (nuclear)
TRAPPC12 trafficking protein particle complex 12
TRMT12 tRNA methyltransferase 12 homolog (S. cerevisiae)
TRNAU1AP tRNA selenocysteine 1 associated protein 1
TTI1 TELO2 interacting protein 1
UBE2NL ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme E2N-like (gene/pseudogene)
VASP vasodilator-stimulated phosphoprotein
WFDC2 WAP four-disulfide core domain 2
XKR8 XK, Kell blood group complex subunit-related family, member 8
ZNF189 zinc finger protein 189
ZNF629 zinc finger protein 629
ZNF91 zinc finger protein 91