cell division site Gene Set

Dataset COMPARTMENTS Curated Protein Localization Evidence Scores
Category structural or functional annotations
Type cellular component
Description The eventual plane of cell division (also known as cell cleavage or cytokinesis) in a dividing cell. In Eukaryotes, the cleavage apparatus, composed of septin structures and the actomyosin contractile ring, forms along this plane, and the mitotic, or meiotic, spindle is aligned perpendicular to the division plane. In bacteria, the cell division site is generally located at mid-cell and is the site at which the cytoskeletal structure, the Z-ring, assembles. (Gene Ontology, GO_0032153)
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38 proteins localized to the cell division site cellular component from the COMPARTMENTS Curated Protein Localization Evidence Scores dataset.

Symbol Name Standardized Value
PLCD3 phospholipase C, delta 3 0.663342
RAB21 RAB21, member RAS oncogene family 0.663342
FSD1 fibronectin type III and SPRY domain containing 1 0.663342
RACGAP1 Rac GTPase activating protein 1 0.663342
ECT2 epithelial cell transforming 2 0.663342
PLEKHG6 pleckstrin homology domain containing, family G (with RhoGef domain) member 6 0.663342
PITPNM1 phosphatidylinositol transfer protein, membrane-associated 1 0.663342
RAB11A RAB11A, member RAS oncogene family 0.663342
RAB11B RAB11B, member RAS oncogene family 0.663342
RDX radixin 0.663342
RAB11FIP3 RAB11 family interacting protein 3 (class II) 0.663342
RAB11FIP4 RAB11 family interacting protein 4 (class II) 0.663342
ANLN anillin, actin binding protein 0.663342
MYH10 myosin, heavy chain 10, non-muscle 0.663342
PPP1CC protein phosphatase 1, catalytic subunit, gamma isozyme 0.663342
MYH9 myosin, heavy chain 9, non-muscle 0.663342
PKN2 protein kinase N2 0.663342
PKN1 protein kinase N1 0.663342
PLK4 polo-like kinase 4 0.663342
NDE1 nudE neurodevelopment protein 1 0.663342
ITGB1 integrin, beta 1 (fibronectin receptor, beta polypeptide, antigen CD29 includes MDF2, MSK12) 0.663342
STAMBP STAM binding protein 0.663342
MEN1 multiple endocrine neoplasia I 0.663342
MAEA macrophage erythroblast attacher 0.663342
RALA v-ral simian leukemia viral oncogene homolog A (ras related) 0.663342
ZFYVE19 zinc finger, FYVE domain containing 19 0.663342
SSH1 slingshot protein phosphatase 1 0.663342
CEP55 centrosomal protein 55kDa 0.663342
RHOC ras homolog family member C 0.663342
RHOB ras homolog family member B 0.663342
MASTL microtubule associated serine/threonine kinase-like 0.663342
MYLK myosin light chain kinase 0.663342
OR2A4 olfactory receptor, family 2, subfamily A, member 4 0.237908
SEPT12 septin 12 0.237908
NF2 neurofibromin 2 (merlin) 0.03318
SPIRE2 spire-type actin nucleation factor 2 0.03318
MYH2 myosin, heavy chain 2, skeletal muscle, adult 0.03318
PSTPIP1 proline-serine-threonine phosphatase interacting protein 1 0.03318