cochlear Gene Set

Dataset GeneRIF Biological Term Annotations
Category structural or functional annotations
Type biological term
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28 genes co-occuring with the biological term cochlear in literature-supported statements describing functions of genes from the GeneRIF Biological Term Annotations dataset.

Symbol Name
ATOH1 atonal homolog 1 (Drosophila)
ATP8B1 ATPase, aminophospholipid transporter, class I, type 8B, member 1
CACNA1D calcium channel, voltage-dependent, L type, alpha 1D subunit
CRYM crystallin, mu
FGF2 fibroblast growth factor 2 (basic)
FMR1 fragile X mental retardation 1
GAP43 growth associated protein 43
GIPC3 GIPC PDZ domain containing family, member 3
GJB2 gap junction protein, beta 2, 26kDa
GJB6 gap junction protein, beta 6, 30kDa
HCN1 hyperpolarization activated cyclic nucleotide gated potassium channel 1
HGF hepatocyte growth factor (hepapoietin A; scatter factor)
MCL1 myeloid cell leukemia 1
NEFL neurofilament, light polypeptide
NTF3 neurotrophin 3
OTOF otoferlin
PAX2 paired box 2
PCDH15 protocadherin-related 15
PGR progesterone receptor
RIMS2 regulating synaptic membrane exocytosis 2
RNR1 RNA, ribosomal cluster 1
SKP1 S-phase kinase-associated protein 1
SLC26A4 solute carrier family 26 (anion exchanger), member 4
SLC26A5 solute carrier family 26 (anion exchanger), member 5
SOD2 superoxide dismutase 2, mitochondrial
SOX10 SRY (sex determining region Y)-box 10
TECTA tectorin alpha
TMPRSS3 transmembrane protease, serine 3