cortisone-7416 Gene Set

Dataset CMAP Signatures of Differentially Expressed Genes for Small Molecules
Category transcriptomics
Type small molecule perturbation
Description small molecule perturbation identified as [small molecule name]-[perturbation ID] (ChIP-X Enrichment Analysis)
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198 genes differentially expressed following the cortisone-7416 small molecule perturbation from the CMAP Signatures of Differentially Expressed Genes for Small Molecules dataset.

increased expression

Symbol Name
ACOT11 acyl-CoA thioesterase 11
ADRBK1 adrenergic, beta, receptor kinase 1
ADTRP androgen-dependent TFPI-regulating protein
AKT2 v-akt murine thymoma viral oncogene homolog 2
AMPD3 adenosine monophosphate deaminase 3
ARHGAP26 Rho GTPase activating protein 26
ASAP3 ArfGAP with SH3 domain, ankyrin repeat and PH domain 3
ATP6V0A2 ATPase, H+ transporting, lysosomal V0 subunit a2
CACNB1 calcium channel, voltage-dependent, beta 1 subunit
CAMK1 calcium/calmodulin-dependent protein kinase I
CBX7 chromobox homolog 7
CCDC68 coiled-coil domain containing 68
CCDC93 coiled-coil domain containing 93
CDRT1 CMT1A duplicated region transcript 1
CIDEC cell death-inducing DFFA-like effector c
CLCN6 chloride channel, voltage-sensitive 6
CLSTN2 calsyntenin 2
CRLF1 cytokine receptor-like factor 1
CXCR4 chemokine (C-X-C motif) receptor 4
CYP26B1 cytochrome P450, family 26, subfamily B, polypeptide 1
CYR61 cysteine-rich, angiogenic inducer, 61
DSPP dentin sialophosphoprotein
DUSP13 dual specificity phosphatase 13
DUSP2 dual specificity phosphatase 2
ECE1 endothelin converting enzyme 1
ELAC2 elaC ribonuclease Z 2
ENTPD1 ectonucleoside triphosphate diphosphohydrolase 1
FAM65A family with sequence similarity 65, member A
FGFR4 fibroblast growth factor receptor 4
FLJ11710 uncharacterized protein FLJ11710
FSTL4 follistatin-like 4
GGT1 gamma-glutamyltransferase 1
GLS2 glutaminase 2 (liver, mitochondrial)
GNRHR gonadotropin-releasing hormone receptor
GRAMD1C GRAM domain containing 1C
HAUS5 HAUS augmin-like complex, subunit 5
HIPK3 homeodomain interacting protein kinase 3
HNF1B HNF1 homeobox B
HTR1F 5-hydroxytryptamine (serotonin) receptor 1F, G protein-coupled
IGFBP3 insulin-like growth factor binding protein 3
IRF5 interferon regulatory factor 5
ITGA5 integrin, alpha 5 (fibronectin receptor, alpha polypeptide)
ITGAL integrin, alpha L (antigen CD11A (p180), lymphocyte function-associated antigen 1; alpha polypeptide)
KATNB1 katanin p80 (WD repeat containing) subunit B 1
KCNN1 potassium channel, calcium activated intermediate/small conductance subfamily N alpha, member 1
KLF3 Kruppel-like factor 3 (basic)
LMNA lamin A/C
LOC730101 uncharacterized LOC730101
LONP2 lon peptidase 2, peroxisomal
LRRC61 leucine rich repeat containing 61
MAN1C1 mannosidase, alpha, class 1C, member 1
MAP2K5 mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase 5
MAPK11 mitogen-activated protein kinase 11
MAPRE3 microtubule-associated protein, RP/EB family, member 3
MC2R melanocortin 2 receptor (adrenocorticotropic hormone)
MTERF4 mitochondrial transcription termination factor 4
N4BP3 NEDD4 binding protein 3
NAB2 NGFI-A binding protein 2 (EGR1 binding protein 2)
NCAPH2 non-SMC condensin II complex, subunit H2
NDST2 N-deacetylase/N-sulfotransferase (heparan glucosaminyl) 2
NIPAL2 NIPA-like domain containing 2
OXLD1 oxidoreductase-like domain containing 1
PCDHGB5 protocadherin gamma subfamily B, 5
PCNX pecanex homolog (Drosophila)
PDE4DIP phosphodiesterase 4D interacting protein
PHLDA1 pleckstrin homology-like domain, family A, member 1
PIK3R2 phosphoinositide-3-kinase, regulatory subunit 2 (beta)
PODNL1 podocan-like 1
PRKCI protein kinase C, iota
PTP4A3 protein tyrosine phosphatase type IVA, member 3
PVT1 Pvt1 oncogene (non-protein coding)
RAB3IL1 RAB3A interacting protein (rabin3)-like 1
RSPH14 radial spoke head 14 homolog (Chlamydomonas)
SCN1B sodium channel, voltage gated, type I beta subunit
SECTM1 secreted and transmembrane 1
SETD4 SET domain containing 4
SHANK2 SH3 and multiple ankyrin repeat domains 2
SLC1A7 solute carrier family 1 (glutamate transporter), member 7
SLC25A12 solute carrier family 25 (aspartate/glutamate carrier), member 12
SOCS1 suppressor of cytokine signaling 1
SRC SRC proto-oncogene, non-receptor tyrosine kinase
SSX2IP synovial sarcoma, X breakpoint 2 interacting protein
SYT17 synaptotagmin XVII
THY1 Thy-1 cell surface antigen
TLE4 transducin-like enhancer of split 4
TMEFF1 transmembrane protein with EGF-like and two follistatin-like domains 1
TMEM45A transmembrane protein 45A
TRIM3 tripartite motif containing 3
TRIP11 thyroid hormone receptor interactor 11
TTC38 tetratricopeptide repeat domain 38
TXNL4A thioredoxin-like 4A
UNC119 unc-119 homolog (C. elegans)
UNC93B1 unc-93 homolog B1 (C. elegans)
URB2 URB2 ribosome biogenesis 2 homolog (S. cerevisiae)
USP34 ubiquitin specific peptidase 34
VEGFB vascular endothelial growth factor B
VLDLR very low density lipoprotein receptor
ZHX3 zinc fingers and homeoboxes 3
ZNF506 zinc finger protein 506
ZSCAN12 zinc finger and SCAN domain containing 12

decreased expression

Symbol Name
ABTB2 ankyrin repeat and BTB (POZ) domain containing 2
ACTR8 ARP8 actin-related protein 8 homolog (yeast)
AKR1C3 aldo-keto reductase family 1, member C3
ANKFY1 ankyrin repeat and FYVE domain containing 1
ANXA1 annexin A1
ARL15 ADP-ribosylation factor-like 15
ASB7 ankyrin repeat and SOCS box containing 7
ATAD3A ATPase family, AAA domain containing 3A
ATG14 autophagy related 14
BACE1 beta-site APP-cleaving enzyme 1
C12ORF29 chromosome 12 open reading frame 29
C14ORF132 chromosome 14 open reading frame 132
C17ORF70 chromosome 17 open reading frame 70
C19ORF40 chromosome 19 open reading frame 40
C2ORF44 chromosome 2 open reading frame 44
C7ORF43 chromosome 7 open reading frame 43
CHMP7 charged multivesicular body protein 7
CIC capicua transcriptional repressor
CLSPN claspin
CLUHP3 clustered mitochondria (cluA/CLU1) homolog pseudogene 3
CNPY3 canopy FGF signaling regulator 3
CORO2A coronin, actin binding protein, 2A
DGCR11 DiGeorge syndrome critical region gene 11 (non-protein coding)
DGKD diacylglycerol kinase, delta 130kDa
EDEM2 ER degradation enhancer, mannosidase alpha-like 2
EYA2 EYA transcriptional coactivator and phosphatase 2
FAM63A family with sequence similarity 63, member A
FBXL4 F-box and leucine-rich repeat protein 4
FBXL6 F-box and leucine-rich repeat protein 6
FHOD1 formin homology 2 domain containing 1
FKBP14 FK506 binding protein 14, 22 kDa
FOSL1 FOS-like antigen 1
FUT1 fucosyltransferase 1 (galactoside 2-alpha-L-fucosyltransferase, H blood group)
FUZ fuzzy planar cell polarity protein
GMPPA GDP-mannose pyrophosphorylase A
GTF2I general transcription factor IIi
H2AFJ H2A histone family, member J
HIVEP1 human immunodeficiency virus type I enhancer binding protein 1
HMGCL 3-hydroxymethyl-3-methylglutaryl-CoA lyase
INF2 inverted formin, FH2 and WH2 domain containing
KCTD15 potassium channel tetramerization domain containing 15
KDM5C lysine (K)-specific demethylase 5C
KIAA0895 KIAA0895
KLC2 kinesin light chain 2
LHPP phospholysine phosphohistidine inorganic pyrophosphate phosphatase
LMNB1 lamin B1
LRCH1 leucine-rich repeats and calponin homology (CH) domain containing 1
LY6G5C lymphocyte antigen 6 complex, locus G5C
MAGOHB mago-nashi homolog B (Drosophila)
MAP3K14 mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase kinase 14
METTL8 methyltransferase like 8
MMD monocyte to macrophage differentiation-associated
NBEAL2 neurobeachin-like 2
NOTCH1 notch 1
OR7E156P olfactory receptor, family 7, subfamily E, member 156 pseudogene
PAFAH1B2 platelet-activating factor acetylhydrolase 1b, catalytic subunit 2 (30kDa)
PLA2G10 phospholipase A2, group X
PLD2 phospholipase D2
PLEKHB1 pleckstrin homology domain containing, family B (evectins) member 1
PPP1R3C protein phosphatase 1, regulatory subunit 3C
REPS2 RALBP1 associated Eps domain containing 2
RFTN1 raftlin, lipid raft linker 1
RNF123 ring finger protein 123
RPL13P5 ribosomal protein L13 pseudogene 5
RPL23AP32 ribosomal protein L23a pseudogene 32
RPS6KA1 ribosomal protein S6 kinase, 90kDa, polypeptide 1
RPS6KA4 ribosomal protein S6 kinase, 90kDa, polypeptide 4
RWDD3 RWD domain containing 3
SECISBP2 SECIS binding protein 2
SIK1 salt-inducible kinase 1
SLC22A18 solute carrier family 22, member 18
SLC25A23 solute carrier family 25 (mitochondrial carrier; phosphate carrier), member 23
SLC31A2 solute carrier family 31 (copper transporter), member 2
SMCO4 single-pass membrane protein with coiled-coil domains 4
SPSB1 splA/ryanodine receptor domain and SOCS box containing 1
SSBP3 single stranded DNA binding protein 3
SUZ12P1 suppressor of zeste 12 homolog pseudogene 1
SYBU syntabulin (syntaxin-interacting)
TBC1D17 TBC1 domain family, member 17
TMEM209 transmembrane protein 209
TMEM254 transmembrane protein 254
TPST1 tyrosylprotein sulfotransferase 1
TRAF2 TNF receptor-associated factor 2
TRAPPC11 trafficking protein particle complex 11
TRAPPC13 trafficking protein particle complex 13
TRMT2A tRNA methyltransferase 2 homolog A (S. cerevisiae)
TSPYL2 TSPY-like 2
UBE2O ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme E2O
VWA1 von Willebrand factor A domain containing 1
VWA9 von Willebrand factor A domain containing 9
WDR4 WD repeat domain 4
XYLT2 xylosyltransferase II
YAP1 Yes-associated protein 1
ZNF254 zinc finger protein 254
ZNF480 zinc finger protein 480
ZNF510 zinc finger protein 510
ZNF586 zinc finger protein 586
ZNF768 zinc finger protein 768