cyclin a2-cdk2 complex Gene Set

Dataset COMPARTMENTS Text-mining Protein Localization Evidence Scores
Category structural or functional annotations
Type cellular component
Description A protein complex consisting of cyclin A2 and cyclin-dependent kinase 2 (CDK2). Cyclins are characterized by periodicity in protein abundance throughout the cell cycle. Cyclin-dependent kinases represent a family of serine/threonine protein kinases that become active upon binding to a cyclin regulatory partner. (Gene Ontology, GO_0097124)
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17 proteins co-occuring with the cyclin a2-cdk2 complex cellular component in abstracts of biomedical publications from the COMPARTMENTS Text-mining Protein Localization Evidence Scores dataset.

Symbol Name Standardized Value
CCNA2 cyclin A2 1.44799
FBXO5 F-box protein 5 0.856635
GMNN geminin, DNA replication inhibitor 0.627335
CDT1 chromatin licensing and DNA replication factor 1 0.59896
CDK2 cyclin-dependent kinase 2 0.597697
CDC6 cell division cycle 6 0.522659
HIST1H2BH histone cluster 1, H2bh 0.488923
HIST3H2BB histone cluster 3, H2bb 0.488923
HIST2H2BF histone cluster 2, H2bf 0.488923
HIST1H2BD histone cluster 1, H2bd 0.488519
HIST1H2BF histone cluster 1, H2bf 0.487307
HIST1H2BC histone cluster 1, H2bc 0.487307
HIST1H2BA histone cluster 1, H2ba 0.486096
CDC20 cell division cycle 20 0.391615
PLK1 polo-like kinase 1 0.372749
RB1 retinoblastoma 1 0.372366
CDK1 cyclin-dependent kinase 1 0.280349