decreased circulating tumor necrosis factor level Gene Set

Dataset MPO Gene-Phenotype Associations
Category disease or phenotype associations
Type phenotype
Description reduction in the amount in the blood of a serum glycoprotein produced by activated macrophages and NK cells and involved in initiating local inflammatory responses, particularly by its action on the endothelium of local blood vessels; its actions result in increased vascular permeability and induction of expression of adhesion molecules on the endothelium (Mammalian Phenotype Ontology, MP_0008554)
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41 gene mutations causing the decreased circulating tumor necrosis factor level phenotype in transgenic mice from the MPO Gene-Phenotype Associations dataset.

Symbol Name
ADAM17 ADAM metallopeptidase domain 17
APBA3 amyloid beta (A4) precursor protein-binding, family A, member 3
ARID5A AT rich interactive domain 5A (MRF1-like)
BBS12 Bardet-Biedl syndrome 12
C3 complement component 3
CD14 CD14 molecule
CD19 CD19 molecule
CD44 CD44 molecule (Indian blood group)
CLIC4 chloride intracellular channel 4
ENPP2 ectonucleotide pyrophosphatase/phosphodiesterase 2
F3 coagulation factor III (thromboplastin, tissue factor)
FFAR2 free fatty acid receptor 2
FOXN1 forkhead box N1
FOXO1 forkhead box O1
IFIT2 interferon-induced protein with tetratricopeptide repeats 2
IFNGR1 interferon gamma receptor 1
IL22 interleukin 22
IL6R interleukin 6 receptor
IRAK2 interleukin-1 receptor-associated kinase 2
IRAK4 interleukin-1 receptor-associated kinase 4
IRF5 interferon regulatory factor 5
LEP leptin
MAPKAPK2 mitogen-activated protein kinase-activated protein kinase 2
MIF macrophage migration inhibitory factor (glycosylation-inhibiting factor)
MSTN myostatin
MYD88 myeloid differentiation primary response 88
NFKBIB nuclear factor of kappa light polypeptide gene enhancer in B-cells inhibitor, beta
NPY1R neuropeptide Y receptor Y1
PARP1 poly (ADP-ribose) polymerase 1
PELI1 pellino E3 ubiquitin protein ligase 1
PILRB paired immunoglobin-like type 2 receptor beta
PRKCE protein kinase C, epsilon
RHBDF2 rhomboid 5 homolog 2 (Drosophila)
S100A9 S100 calcium binding protein A9
SIGLEC1 sialic acid binding Ig-like lectin 1, sialoadhesin
SRA1 steroid receptor RNA activator 1
THBD thrombomodulin
TICAM1 toll-like receptor adaptor molecule 1
TLR2 toll-like receptor 2
TNF tumor necrosis factor
TRADD TNFRSF1A-associated via death domain