epo signaling pathway Gene Set

Dataset Biocarta Pathways
Category structural or functional annotations
Type pathway
Description Erythropoietin (EPO) signaling is crucial for the production of blood cell or erythropoiesis and also plays important roles in wound healing and responses to neural injury. EPO is a glycoprotein hormone and also a cytokine whose receptor belongs to type I cytokine receptor. The pathway engages the Jak-Stat intracellular cascade. (Pathway Ontology, PW_0000987)
External Link http://cgap.nci.nih.gov/Pathways/BioCarta/h_epoPathway
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11 proteins participating in the epo signaling pathway pathway from the Biocarta Pathways dataset.

Symbol Name
EPO erythropoietin
EPOR erythropoietin receptor
GRB2 growth factor receptor-bound protein 2
HRAS Harvey rat sarcoma viral oncogene homolog
JAK2 Janus kinase 2
PLCG1 phospholipase C, gamma 1
PTPN6 protein tyrosine phosphatase, non-receptor type 6
SHC1 SHC (Src homology 2 domain containing) transforming protein 1
SOS1 son of sevenless homolog 1 (Drosophila)
STAT5A signal transducer and activator of transcription 5A
STAT5B signal transducer and activator of transcription 5B