hsa-miR-671-3p Gene Set

Dataset MiRTarBase microRNA Targets
Category physical interactions
Type microRNA
External Link http://mirtarbase.mbc.nctu.edu.tw/php/detail.php?mirtid=MIRT037770
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8 target genes of the hsa-miR-671-3p microRNA in low- or high-throughput microRNA targeting studies from the MiRTarBase microRNA Targets dataset.

Symbol Name
CHPF2 chondroitin polymerizing factor 2
DIS3L DIS3 like exosome 3'-5' exoribonuclease
ERGIC2 ERGIC and golgi 2
GJC1 gap junction protein, gamma 1, 45kDa
HDGF hepatoma-derived growth factor
KIFAP3 kinesin-associated protein 3
TMEM223 transmembrane protein 223
UBFD1 ubiquitin family domain containing 1