imidazole-containing compound catabolic process Gene Set

Dataset GO Biological Process Annotations
Category structural or functional annotations
Type biological process
Description The chemical reactions and pathways resulting in the breakdown of imidazoles, five-membered organic heterocycle containing two nitrogen atoms at positions 1 and 3, or any of its derivatives; compounds containing an imidazole skeleton. (Gene Ontology, GO_0052805)
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5 genes participating in the imidazole-containing compound catabolic process biological process from the curated GO Biological Process Annotations dataset.

Symbol Name
AMDHD1 amidohydrolase domain containing 1
FTCD formimidoyltransferase cyclodeaminase
HAL histidine ammonia-lyase
HDC histidine decarboxylase
UROC1 urocanate hydratase 1