interleukin-1 production Gene Set

Dataset GO Biological Process Annotations
Category structural or functional annotations
Type biological process
Description The appearance of interleukin-1 due to biosynthesis or secretion following a cellular stimulus, resulting in an increase in its intracellular or extracellular levels. (Gene Ontology, GO_0032612)
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6 genes participating in the interleukin-1 production biological process from the curated GO Biological Process Annotations dataset.

Symbol Name
CASP1 caspase 1, apoptosis-related cysteine peptidase
IL1B interleukin 1, beta
MR1 major histocompatibility complex, class I-related
NLRP3 NLR family, pyrin domain containing 3
PYCARD PYD and CARD domain containing
TNFAIP8 tumor necrosis factor, alpha-induced protein 8