mammary gland epithelial cell proliferation Gene Set

Dataset GO Biological Process Annotations
Category structural or functional annotations
Type biological process
Description The multiplication or reproduction of mammary gland epithelial cells, resulting in the expansion of a cell population. Mammary gland epithelial cells make up the covering of surfaces of the mammary gland. The mammary gland is a large compound sebaceous gland that in female mammals is modified to secrete milk. (Gene Ontology, GO_0033598)
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14 genes participating in the mammary gland epithelial cell proliferation biological process from the curated GO Biological Process Annotations dataset.

Symbol Name
AREG amphiregulin
BTRC beta-transducin repeat containing E3 ubiquitin protein ligase
CCND1 cyclin D1
CEBPB CCAAT/enhancer binding protein (C/EBP), beta
CHUK conserved helix-loop-helix ubiquitous kinase
EPHA2 EPH receptor A2
ESR1 estrogen receptor 1
ID2 inhibitor of DNA binding 2, dominant negative helix-loop-helix protein
MAPK1 mitogen-activated protein kinase 1
MED1 mediator complex subunit 1
STAT6 signal transducer and activator of transcription 6, interleukin-4 induced
TFAP2C transcription factor AP-2 gamma (activating enhancer binding protein 2 gamma)
TNFSF11 tumor necrosis factor (ligand) superfamily, member 11
WNT5A wingless-type MMTV integration site family, member 5A