muscular dystrophy-dystroglycanopathy Gene Set

Dataset DISEASES Text-mining Gene-Disease Assocation Evidence Scores
Category disease or phenotype associations
Type disease
Description Xref MGI. (Human Disease Ontology, DOID_0050588)
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13 genes co-occuring with the disease muscular dystrophy-dystroglycanopathy in abstracts of biomedical publications from the DISEASES Text-mining Gene-Disease Assocation Evidence Scores dataset.

Symbol Name Standardized Value
TMEM5 transmembrane protein 5 1.87331
DPM2 dolichyl-phosphate mannosyltransferase polypeptide 2, regulatory subunit 1.8169
GMPPB GDP-mannose pyrophosphorylase B 1.77315
DPM3 dolichyl-phosphate mannosyltransferase polypeptide 3 1.72502
DPM1 dolichyl-phosphate mannosyltransferase polypeptide 1, catalytic subunit 1.61128
ISPD isoprenoid synthase domain containing 1.4057
POMT2 protein-O-mannosyltransferase 2 1.18626
COL4A1 collagen, type IV, alpha 1 1.10594
POMT1 protein-O-mannosyltransferase 1 1.09167
POMGNT1 protein O-linked mannose N-acetylglucosaminyltransferase 1 (beta 1,2-) 1.07278
FKRP fukutin related protein 0.973801
FKTN fukutin 0.878605
DAG1 dystroglycan 1 (dystrophin-associated glycoprotein 1) 0.671527