negative regulation of heterotypic cell-cell adhesion Gene Set

Dataset GO Biological Process Annotations
Category structural or functional annotations
Type biological process
Description Any process that stops, prevents, or reduces the frequency, rate, or extent of heterotypic cell-cell adhesion. (Gene Ontology, GO_0034115)
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7 genes participating in the negative regulation of heterotypic cell-cell adhesion biological process from the curated GO Biological Process Annotations dataset.

Symbol Name
ADIPOQ adiponectin, C1Q and collagen domain containing
APOA1 apolipoprotein A-I
IL1RN interleukin 1 receptor antagonist
KLF4 Kruppel-like factor 4 (gut)
MAP2K5 mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase 5
MAPK7 mitogen-activated protein kinase 7
MYADM myeloid-associated differentiation marker