persistent right dorsal aorta Gene Set

Dataset MPO Gene-Phenotype Associations
Category disease or phenotype associations
Type phenotype
Description persistence of the right dorsal aorta after development; the right dorsal aorta normally regresses but when it persists, a double aortic arch develops; if the left dorsal aorta also regresses, a right aortic arch forms (Mammalian Phenotype Ontology, MP_0010572)
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7 gene mutations causing the persistent right dorsal aorta phenotype in transgenic mice from the MPO Gene-Phenotype Associations dataset.

Symbol Name
ECE1 endothelin converting enzyme 1
EDNRA endothelin receptor type A
PAX3 paired box 3
SOX4 SRY (sex determining region Y)-box 4
TFAP2A transcription factor AP-2 alpha (activating enhancer binding protein 2 alpha)
TGFB2 transforming growth factor, beta 2
VEGFA vascular endothelial growth factor A