posterior polar cataract Gene Set

Dataset DISEASES Text-mining Gene-Disease Assocation Evidence Scores
Category disease or phenotype associations
Type disease
Description OMIM mapping confirmed by DO. [SN]. (Human Disease Ontology, DOID_0050537)
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23 genes co-occuring with the disease posterior polar cataract in abstracts of biomedical publications from the DISEASES Text-mining Gene-Disease Assocation Evidence Scores dataset.

Symbol Name Standardized Value
PITX3 paired-like homeodomain 3 1.98622
AQP12B aquaporin 12B 1.92858
CHMP4A charged multivesicular body protein 4A 1.67141
CHMP4B charged multivesicular body protein 4B 1.63545
CRYAB crystallin, alpha B 1.60949
GJA3 gap junction protein, alpha 3, 46kDa 1.46451
BFSP1 beaded filament structural protein 1, filensin 1.40658
CRYGD crystallin, gamma D 1.27083
CRYBA1 crystallin, beta A1 1.23429
SIX6 SIX homeobox 6 1.03156
SIX4 SIX homeobox 4 0.99233
SEPT2 septin 2 0.980531
CRYBB2 crystallin, beta B2 0.94369
OTX2 orthodenticle homeobox 2 0.854449
SIX1 SIX homeobox 1 0.825768
CRYGS crystallin, gamma S 0.771661
HSF4 heat shock transcription factor 4 0.710378
ACKR1 atypical chemokine receptor 1 (Duffy blood group) 0.613183
MNX1 motor neuron and pancreas homeobox 1 0.47374
MS4A2 membrane-spanning 4-domains, subfamily A, member 2 0.42214
PPCS phosphopantothenoylcysteine synthetase 0.376661
HP haptoglobin 0.274732
HPR haptoglobin-related protein 0.269043