replication fork Gene Set

Dataset COMPARTMENTS Curated Protein Localization Evidence Scores
Category structural or functional annotations
Type cellular component
Description The Y-shaped region of a replicating DNA molecule, resulting from the separation of the DNA strands and in which the synthesis of new strands takes place. Also includes associated protein complexes. (Gene Ontology, GO_0005657)
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47 proteins localized to the replication fork cellular component from the COMPARTMENTS Curated Protein Localization Evidence Scores dataset.

Symbol Name Standardized Value
TONSL tonsoku-like, DNA repair protein 0.663342
RPA4 replication protein A4, 30kDa 0.663342
RPA1 replication protein A1, 70kDa 0.663342
RPA3 replication protein A3, 14kDa 0.663342
RPA2 replication protein A2, 32kDa 0.663342
RAD18 RAD18 E3 ubiquitin protein ligase 0.663342
RFC3 replication factor C (activator 1) 3, 38kDa 0.663342
POLE polymerase (DNA directed), epsilon, catalytic subunit 0.663342
POLE2 polymerase (DNA directed), epsilon 2, accessory subunit 0.663342
POLE4 polymerase (DNA-directed), epsilon 4, accessory subunit 0.663342
UBE2B ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme E2B 0.663342
POLA1 polymerase (DNA directed), alpha 1, catalytic subunit 0.663342
MMS22L MMS22-like, DNA repair protein 0.663342
SMARCAD1 SWI/SNF-related, matrix-associated actin-dependent regulator of chromatin, subfamily a, containing DEAD/H box 1 0.663342
ZRANB3 zinc finger, RAN-binding domain containing 3 0.663342
POLD3 polymerase (DNA-directed), delta 3, accessory subunit 0.663342
POLE3 polymerase (DNA directed), epsilon 3, accessory subunit 0.663342
XRCC3 X-ray repair complementing defective repair in Chinese hamster cells 3 0.663342
CHRAC1 chromatin accessibility complex 1 0.663342
RFC5 replication factor C (activator 1) 5, 36.5kDa 0.663342
RFC4 replication factor C (activator 1) 4, 37kDa 0.663342
RFC2 replication factor C (activator 1) 2, 40kDa 0.663342
RFC1 replication factor C (activator 1) 1, 145kDa 0.663342
XRCC2 X-ray repair complementing defective repair in Chinese hamster cells 2 0.663342
ZMIZ2 zinc finger, MIZ-type containing 2 0.663342
RAD51B RAD51 paralog B 0.663342
UHRF1 ubiquitin-like with PHD and ring finger domains 1 0.663342
PCNA proliferating cell nuclear antigen 0.663342
RAD51D RAD51 paralog D 0.663342
RAD51C RAD51 paralog C 0.663342
PURB purine-rich element binding protein B 0.237908
MCM3 minichromosome maintenance complex component 3 0.237908
PURA purine-rich element binding protein A 0.237908
KIAA2022 KIAA2022 0.098109
POLA2 polymerase (DNA directed), alpha 2, accessory subunit 0.098109
TP53 tumor protein p53 0.098109
TOP1 topoisomerase (DNA) I 0.098109
POLD1 polymerase (DNA directed), delta 1, catalytic subunit 0.098109
BLM Bloom syndrome, RecQ helicase-like 0.03318
POLD2 polymerase (DNA directed), delta 2, accessory subunit 0.03318
NBN nibrin 0.03318
HDAC2 histone deacetylase 2 0.03318
DMAP1 DNA methyltransferase 1 associated protein 1 0.03318
DNMT1 DNA (cytosine-5-)-methyltransferase 1 0.03318
H2AFX H2A histone family, member X 0.03318
TP53BP1 tumor protein p53 binding protein 1 0.03318
CHEK1 checkpoint kinase 1 0.03318