sepsis Gene Set

Dataset GAD Gene-Disease Associations
Category disease or phenotype associations
Type disease
Description Systemic inflammatory response to infection. (Human Phenotype Ontology, HP_0100806)
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27 genes associated with the disease sepsis in GWAS and other genetic association datasets from the GAD Gene-Disease Associations dataset.

Symbol Name
BPI bactericidal/permeability-increasing protein
CARD11 caspase recruitment domain family, member 11
CD14 CD14 molecule
F13A1 coagulation factor XIII, A1 polypeptide
F5 coagulation factor V (proaccelerin, labile factor)
FGB fibrinogen beta chain
HSPA1A heat shock 70kDa protein 1A
HSPA1B heat shock 70kDa protein 1B
HSPA2 heat shock 70kDa protein 2
IFNG interferon, gamma
IL10 interleukin 10
IL18 interleukin 18
IL1A interleukin 1, alpha
IL1B interleukin 1, beta
IL1R1 interleukin 1 receptor, type I
IL1RN interleukin 1 receptor antagonist
IL6 interleukin 6
LBP lipopolysaccharide binding protein
LTA lymphotoxin alpha
MBL2 mannose-binding lectin (protein C) 2, soluble
MIF macrophage migration inhibitory factor (glycosylation-inhibiting factor)
NOD2 nucleotide-binding oligomerization domain containing 2
SERPINE1 serpin peptidase inhibitor, clade E (nexin, plasminogen activator inhibitor type 1), member 1
STARD3NL STARD3 N-terminal like
TLR1 toll-like receptor 1
TLR4 toll-like receptor 4
TNF tumor necrosis factor