stomach carcinoma Gene Set

Dataset GWASdb SNP-Disease Associations
Category disease or phenotype associations
Type disease
Description A stomach cancer that is located_in the stomach. (Human Disease Ontology, DOID_5517)
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15 genes associated with the disease stomach carcinoma in GWAS and other genetic association datasets from the GWASdb SNP-Disease Associations dataset.

Symbol Name Standardized Value
PRKAA1 protein kinase, AMP-activated, alpha 1 catalytic subunit 1.79089
PSCA prostate stem cell antigen 1.47885
ADCY2 adenylate cyclase 2 (brain) 1.34719
SOX6 SRY (sex determining region Y)-box 6 1.14463
GJA3 gap junction protein, alpha 3, 46kDa 1.07599
SLC44A5 solute carrier family 44, member 5 1.00407
SMARCAD1 SWI/SNF-related, matrix-associated actin-dependent regulator of chromatin, subfamily a, containing DEAD/H box 1 1.00407
SH2D4B SH2 domain containing 4B 1.00407
ZBTB20 zinc finger and BTB domain containing 20 0.779178
MTX1 metaxin 1 0.498719
TRIM46 tripartite motif containing 46 0.492088
LY6K lymphocyte antigen 6 complex, locus K 0.42455
PCNP PEST proteolytic signal containing nuclear protein 0.422949
SPATA6L spermatogenesis associated 6-like 0.422199
ZBTB11 zinc finger and BTB domain containing 11 0.406898