Genotype Tissue Expression Resource

Description The Genotype-Tissue Expression project is a genome mapping project that seeks to discover expression quantitative trait loci in the human genome. Expression quantitative trait loci (eQTL) are regions of the genome where DNA sequence variation is correlated with variation of expression of a gene or set of genes. The GTEx Project discovers eQTL by profiling SNPs and gene expression in many human tissue samples and testing for statistically significant associations between SNPs and differentially expressed genes.
Acronym GTEx
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Dataset Description Category Attribute Views
eQTL significance values for all gene-SNP pairs testing likelihood that SNP affects gene expression genomics SNP 4119
Tissue Gene Expression Profiles mRNA expression profiles for tissues transcriptomics tissue 10645
Tissue Sample Gene Expression Profiles mRNA expression profiles for tissue samples transcriptomics tissue sample 5478