Kinase Enrichment Analysis Resource

Description Kinase Enrichment Analysis (KEA) is a gene-set enrichment analysis tool tailored to test if query gene-sets are enriched with genes known to interact with kinases. KEA utilizes a gene-set library with kinases labeling sets of interacting proteins. Many of the interacting proteins are known substrates of the kinases, and many of the kinase-substrate interactions are annotated with phosphosite-level detail (the specific phosphorylated amino acid residue(s) are indicated). Kinase-substrate interactions in KEA were obtained by curation of biomedical literature and integrated with other databases of kinase-substrate interactions, such as Phospho.ELM (Dinkel, Nucleic Acids Research, 2011) and PhosphoSitePlus (Hornbeck, Nucleic Acids Research, 2012).
Acronym KEA
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Substrates of Kinases protein substrates of kinases from published low-throughput and high-throughput phosphoproteomics studies physical interactions kinase 3887