Contribute your
RNA-seq Analysis Plugins

Step 1.
Fork the GitHub repository
Step 2.
Add your code
Step 3.
Create a Pull Request
Step 4.
Use your Plugin
  • Once integrated, your plugin will be made publicly available for generation of RNA-seq analysis notebooks.
What are BioJupies plugins?
BioJupies plugins are modular snippets of code used to analyze RNA-seq data and embed plots, interactive visualizations or results in Jupyter Notebooks.
Plugins can be used for generation of Jupyter Notebooks through the BioJupies web interface, with no knowledge of coding required.
Can I contribute my plugin to BioJupies?
Users are welcome to contribute their tools for integration as BioJupies plugins. We accept submissions for plugins performing wide varieties of RNA-seq data analyses, such as data visualizations, differential gene expression, and more.
Using the GitHub repository
To contribute your RNA-seq analysis plugin, follow the instructions on the leftabove, or visit the MaayanLab/biojupies-plugins GitHub repository.
Plugin integration is performed by means of pull requests on the repository. Please note that BioJupies currently only supports plugins in Python 3 and R.
For more information on contributing your plugins, feel free to open a new issue on the GitHub repository, or contact us by e-mail.