BioJupies Automatically Generates RNA-seq Data Analysis Notebooks
With BioJupies you can produce in seconds a customized, reusable, and interactive report from your own raw or processed RNA-seq data through a simple user interface
BioJupies now supports user accounts! Sign in from the top right corner of the page for access to unlimited private notebooks, RNA-seq datasets and alignment jobs.
How to Create a Notebook?
1. Upload or Fetch Data
Select from thousands of ready-to-analyze RNA-seq datasets, or upload your own
2. Select Tools
Choose from multiple data analysis and visualization tools, or contribute your own code
3. Generate
Create, access and share your analysis notebooks through a permanent and public URL
Customize Your Analysis
Upload Your Own Data
Generate tailored analysis notebooks from your RNA-seq datasets
Contribute Your Code
Add and share your own computational tools as BioJupies plugins
Rerun Your Notebooks
Download, run and customize your analysis notebooks using a Docker container